Blog Intro (事項紹介)

being cute on the 電車

being cute on the 電車

Hey all!

Welcome to my blog! I was debating on making a blog when I first got to Japan in June 2007, but I decided to make a youtube account instead ( ). So lets get this self-introduction off my back, before we continue. My name is Sam and am a 20-something year old originally from Boston, but raised all around the U.S. I moved to Japan last year when I was visiting for vacation for the 3rd time with some friends of mine and when it came time to leave I torn up my return ticket (which was retarded, coulda gotten a refund, symbolically funny though… -.-) and the next day found a job that got me a visa and have been in this country ever since. Thats enough for now, you guys will find out more about me as I update this site.

So why did start this blog? Well, I like writing (which I think I kick ass at, some people might disagree, which is fine) and also to keep track and publicly announce that I am starting not just a diet, but a lifestyle change to hopefully make me my body become to a more healthy/natural state and to prolong my time on this blue marble in the aliens marble bag (MIB reference ftw). What happened was basically I started the “Eat to Live” lifestyle in January, but dude to lack of variety and apathy I started eating worse again and my previous lifestyle returned. I started eating really, really horribly once vacation started and I would just eat out every day. I feel like shit, so I decided to make a change, pick up the book again and get some exercise routines established to hopefully have all this evolve into my future “healthy/thinner” lifestyle 😀

The dude who inspired me to start up this blog was this guy, not just because he has a similar story, but because he is also an ex-pat living in Japan, like myself:

This post I won’t consider “Day 1” of the lifestyle change yet, just due to the fact I need to get a camera and scale set up to track my progress.

Thanks for reading and like always guys, stay black 😉


P.S-since I am studying Japanese at the moment, I’m gonna include it in some blogs too)


~ by tkyosam on August 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Blog Intro (事項紹介)”

  1. Go Sam! I’m rootin’ for ya, buddy!

  2. Yo Sam,

    Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before you eat. Walk. Try eating 1/2 of what you usually eat. The water will fill the other 1/2 of your stomach.

    Good luck blog out~

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