8月23日 Lets get this started!

Today is the day…the day that will be reminder or…um….the sutff…from that famous book…Ugh, I hate people trying to be painfully poetic/passionate over remedial things that shouldn’t have affected cavemen. Even though society now a days is extremely more advanced then cavemen days, when you break it down, all we are trying to do is survive. You gotta see the plan, and make it happen. Now like I said in my video, Japan is a place where a fat/charismatic guy like myself can easily get women, but aside from that I want to not just start losing weight, but overall become more healthy.

So, today is the day I start all this. Since I have a camera that relatively works and not enough time to be on my computer, I decided that I will upload a picture (almost naked, grooo~wl) every WEEK as opposed to every day like I originally intended to. If I get a better camera I’ll try to take pictures more frequently.

Everyday I want to record on this blog my daily meals and exercise. I am going to be using a book by a man called Joel Fuhrman, “Eat to Live”, the book is highly-awesome-to-teh-max0r0z! If you are interested in it, check it out, it’s only like 6 bucks online and the diet changes it advocates are very logical and easy to follow. As for exercise, I am just going to be doing sports/running/walking everyday, well the extreme exercise every other day.

Thats all that I can think to write off the top my head. You guys stay black and leave some comments so I know you’re out there ;).

三夢 (Sam)

128 kilos


~ by tkyosam on August 22, 2008.

9 Responses to “8月23日 Lets get this started!”

  1. i just follow you around… hope you’re not annoyed by my presence.

    i can’t wait to see what you do to loose weight. maybe this time i’ll get motivated too…

  2. good shit, but i dont recommend the 1 pic a week thing at all. Im not too sure how fast your expecting results but by comparing yourself week over week you might get discouraged (and ultamately run back into your old ways). now a month result would be sick, you’ll see a bigger impact from your work and you’ll feel even more motivated to keep it up. not that im a health trainer or w/e, im just a skinny bastard that use to be a bigger bastard haha.
    also, i suggest learning to like running. It builds up your endurance to do other shit and it sheds the layers of fat. Treadmills are the shit cause its less impact than concrete floors but if thats not possible take it to the streets. either way you want to get specific running shoes, as in finding out which size width and length you need. i thought jordans would be fine but they ended up doing more damage to my body. alright thats it for now
    -andrew G

  3. GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!

    go for it man!

    just wanted to say that you have support from the florida corner of Izumi-land.. and just try your best!

    you know like in all those cheesy anime’s XDXD

    i totally believe in you man, and as your first supporter… i will commit along with you.. untill you reach your goal of becoming a healthier sExier Teekyoh Samu, i will eat one apple everyday!

    behind you all the way man!

  4. Whats up Sam! Its good to see that your changing your eating habits and gonna start exercising. You already get girls over there in japan imagine how many girls are wanna get with Sam the sexy beast after you lose weight! Their gonna rip off your clothes in the streets like those axe commercials. You got me motivated to lose weight too. I’m a lazy bastard that loves McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and video games. Shenmue anyone. I weigh about 140 kilos so I definitely got a long way to go but seeing you want to change your ways and become healthy has inspired me to get off my lazy ass and make a change so thanks for that. I can’t wait to see updates on your progress so keep it going and in no time your gonna be the biggest pimp in all of japan. Much respect. Laters man.


  5. Hey Sam, i watch your vids on youtube and am also trying to get fit at the moment, so basically just wanted to say best of luck to ya! Seriously running kills the pounds so any sport where u run / move a lot is good! Anything that increses your heart rate a lot and sustains it for a long time will burn fat and increase your stamina.

    Go Sam!

    PS. Your vids are awesome so thanks for them!

  6. Good stuff Sam, i always been watching your vids anticipating for next year when i actually move to the J-Land. Im a lil chunky too so your not alone in this quest to see your 6 pack before we die lol. But yeah man imma music producer so if you need some tunes to rock out to during your work out sessions (or just to put em in your vids) then i got ya covered.


  7. You’re great man, so much people would have just let it go. Stay positive and keep the great effort you’re doin’. Great support from France!

    (sorry about my poor english, but i remember that your french also sucks ^^).

  8. Cool dude, I wish you luck. I’m also a person learning Japanese, about your age and trying to lose weight while going to college, sadly not in Japan like you. I’ve been watching you on youtube as well as various other people (mostly people vlogging from japan). Keep up the effort, it’s terribly hard at times to keep up both weight loss and learning Japanese. 😛


  9. Good luuck!! Good on you for starting this and making it public as well, should be an awesome motivator, much respect for that!

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