1st couple days

My sleep schedule has been all fucked up because I’m on vacation, so I usually have been going waking up at noon, falling asleep at 9pm, waking up at midnight and then going to bed around 5-7am. ちょううううfucking変だよね?. So my meals for the last couple days have been:

Breakfast: 2 cups of water 2 sliced oranges

Lunch: 2 cups of water Big Salad- romaine lettuce, cucumber, half carrot, spinach, half avocado, handful of walnuts, really sliced onions and baby tomato w/ goma (sesame dressing)

Dinner: 2 cups of water Yakisoba-cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, mushrooms, sweet potato, seaweed, ginger.

Snacks: -Any kind of tea(I’ve been drinking nothing but oolong tea lately though), -Oranges and Grapes (since those were on sale @ Costco) -Smoothies (I bought a tone of frozen fruit & soy milk from Costco, so I can drink those any time I want!!! And it’s not cheating, so its a good way to get a lot of my fruits/tofu/soy in my daily routine.

Cool, hope that was interesting enough 😀

As for the exercise, just been walking, but since its been raining here a lot recently, I haven just been chillin in the house, but I’ve already went down from 128 kilos to 125 kilos 🙂

One of the commenting dudes suggested I only take a picture once a month because it will show the “real” results, which makes sense, so thats what I’ll do from here on out.


~ by tkyosam on August 26, 2008.

8 Responses to “1st couple days”

  1. I’m a plump person and I can say that those meals sounds pretty tasty. Though I can’t image myself eating salad (I know I really should). Nice to read that your doing well on your diet. See ya!


  2. I love that one of your tags is “black black.”

    Keep up the good work! Isn’t the weather depressing lately – all this rain. Altho it has cooled it out a bit out here. Only about 24.C today.

    Go Sam!

  3. That sounds really good, but watch out on the avocados and nuts. They actually have quite a bit of fat in them. Also, you might add in a few more ounces of protein like tofu or beans if you’re staying away from meat. Good luck! It sounds like you’re doing great so far!

  4. I’ve heard that green tea can help you loosing weight, not to mention other benefits to your health.
    Just one thing, i believe you know it but loosing weight too fast isn’t good, so take care. Good luck with the hunger… i mean the diet (just joking)

  5. Hey sam. I’m proud of you. i am doing the same myself. Luckily my insurance gave me 6 free visits to a nutritionist and it has helped so much. I’m proud of you and Keep up the work, and writing your meals down are a huge help, b/c if you are doing bad and you look back its just amazing how that can affect the way you eat and think of what you are going to eat next. YOU GO SAM!

  6. They have a CostCo in Japan? Huh.


  7. hey sam i am a loyal subscriber of your vids on you tube. i saw your vid about your diet on like thursday and decided to read the book and change my ways. i just got the book today and am learning a lot from it. i am a portley fellow and i too want to look good naked. me and a buddy are thinkin of vloggin our journey to sexyness. YOU SIR INSPIRED ME. your awesome!!!!! and good luck with your change in eating. i hope you get more pussy than ever!

    stay black homie!

  8. Hey Sam,

    Its great to see that you already lost 3 kilos! Keep it going! When the weather clears up you’ll get to do all kinds of things. Do they have gyms over their in japan. I would do that also if I was you. Its a more straight forward exercise to know exactly how many calories that your burning and its a more intense work out. I’m going to join a gym here in about a week. Also count calories too. I know a lot of people don’t like to do that but you’ll know exactly whats going into your body. Also i saw a person wrote its not a good thing to drop weight fast. Thats true but your gonna drop weight fast in the beginning so don’t worry or be scared about that. Going from no exercise and eating bad food all the time to exercising and eating healthy your gonna drop weight fast the first month. I remember just by changing my eating and just a little bit of exercise, I mean little exercise, I lost 20 pounds in a month. Thats going from eating fast food everyday to fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. We are big guys so we tend to lose weight faster then most. Anyways, keep it up man!!!


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