Whats for dinner?

Yo wad up peoplez?

First I gotta really say thanks to all you guys who have been checking out my
blog and giving out suggestions and support my way, I really do appreciate it.

Sooooooooooo, I wanted to talk about about dinner ideas. So far I have been keeping to
my diet pretty well, breakfast and lunch are going great, but what the fuck about teh dinnerz???
The first 2 meals of the day are very simple and easy to make, just oranges and salad, but when
I get home from the days deed I am fuckin tired and not wanting to go allllllllll the way to the fuckin
kitchen (I mean come on, its like 5 ft. away -.-). With all that in mind, I have been eating out at places that sell stuff like choco-bread and 牛丼(gyuudon-beef bowls) and shizzle like that, so it’s not as bad as macdonalds, but it still isn’t the 100% I am going for.

You guys got any ideas for me? I am looking at sites for simple vegan/”eat to live” diner recipes that I can make a lot of leftovers from -.-

Til then, chillin and shizzle, tea and black black.

Thanks again guys for the support and shizzle, I really appreciate it 😀


~ by tkyosam on September 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Whats for dinner?”

  1. I don’t know how much space you have, but you might take some ideas from the once a month cooking websites like buying your food in bulk and preparing the recipes ahead of time in single-meal packets so you just throw them in the pot or oven. You wouldn’t have to do it once a month exactly, but do your grocery shopping once a week and make all your dinners ahead of time for the week or few days (depending on the space you have).

    Good luck with everything!

  2. I’m not too good with suggesting meals, especially vegan ones, but you could maybe try out making some kind of big pot of some kind of stew. It’d probably be good and you could use it as a leftover food too.

  3. Hey Sam, you’re looking good! As for a simple dinner, I couldn’t tell you. Emily’s idea sounds good; you might prepare something in your free time in the evening of the day before or the morning of the day of, and then allow it to stew for a day. Definitely check online, there has to be plenty of resources for cheap, healthy, minimal-effort foodstuffs.

    In any case, hope to hear from you soon, and keep up the good work!

  4. Boca Burgers, bean burgers (microwavable)
    veggie hot dogs (pretty convincing, micro)
    canned stuff
    ^usually microwavable
    some stir fry be good with a little cookin’, just veggies and some rice
    peanut butter sandwich
    cheese sandwich

    just some thoughts from a veggie

  5. You look so good. It’s amazing.
    I suggest just like.. Fruits. I love fruits, but they have sugar.
    So.. Vegetables.

  6. Hey sam,

    Looking good homie. Anyways, I got a great suggestion for you on what to do with your meals. You should eat dinner in the morning and breakfast at night. What I mean by that is eat your biggest meal in the morning whether its fish or whatever you like to eat. Make sure its packed with proteins so you will have energy all day. You will also burn it all day while at work. Its better to eat bigger meals in the morning because you move during the day. If you would eat more at night and go to bed those calories will turn into fat. If you eat like this you should feel less tired when you get home and can eat a light dinner of salad, fruits, and whatever you like. You can fill up with salad and other low calorie foods. You will go to bed eating less calories so its less fat that your body will store. I’ve seen people lose a grip of weight like that. Anyways man, like always stay pimpin and keep doing your thing. Laters.


  7. Well dude, I’m currently 290 pounds I wear XL clothing and I’m 6’1″ and a half this year, and last year I used to be 398 pounds, 5’12” and wearing XXXL clothing.
    that is a big change to be honest.

    I’d just walk and what not, get more active and doing more things with friends, going downtown toronto.. etc

    but now that is just maintaining my weight..

    I’m about to start a new thing to get me down to the hundreds in pounds and what I’m doing is taking diet pills, vitamins, and three other bottles of pills, I’m also getting a membership to a gym with one of my friends, and I’ve switched to eating vegetarian meals and sashimi fish, I’m an awesome cook so I know what I’m putting in, I read labels, and I count calories.

    I’m limiting myself to 1000 or less calories a day.
    I don’t eat lunch, and I’ll eat a bit of dinner and it is all vegetarian.

    (I’ve just started the vegetarian and diet pills thing, I have yet to get the membership to a gym)

    If you want to know more of what I’m doing, feel free to contact me at:
    Messenger: Cretaceous-era@hotmail.com
    Skype: CodeOfVulgarism

    And stay black, I look forward to meeting up with you in Japan later on in life, you’ll have to give me tips on what I should do to get there and how I can find housing and what not and in exchange I’ll give you dieting/weight loss tips and we can lose weight together BOYEEEEE!!!!!

  8. Oh, and about dinner ideas..

    I’d stick to vegetables and soy and fish
    STAY away from salts, stay away from fat, stay away from fast food like mcdonalds and what not for a while.

    learn how to cook vegetable stir-fry without meats and salts and if you need to put salt, make sure to put VERY little. 😛

    I can give you more tips that I’m doing once you add me.

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