Guys!!!  As you can tgell byu this post I am fuckin hammered right now!

I want to note a special thing I always nmotice about things when i am drunk.








exhibit A:

-my cable cord is broken, so whenever I wanna watch tb, I gotta sniggle.muggle (whatevber that word is for moving shit around til it fits lol, seex metahpor), anyways,m I always ignore it, not when I am come home, fuckin wastinb I realixe it only takes an extra second outta my day to do it, so come on people and stop ignoring the little shit!

exhibit B:

-Bikin (bicycle) while in-toxicated is faaaaaaaaar more entertaining that doing it sober and I suggest anybody out there losin their lust in biking to try it after a few drinks 😉


thats all for now, until then stay blac, classy, etc.


-sam out


~ by tkyosam on September 25, 2008.

7 Responses to “DRUNBNK IS AWESOMZ!”

  1. Roflmao

    I have to try “riding while drunk.”

  2. The best part about biking when you’re drunk is the rythym you get into, it’s like a trance! I know you’ve been there sam, when you start bobbin your head to the pedal stroke 😛 It’s also the point when cops stop you but s’all good!

  3. Cops can never stop teh tkyosam 😀

  4. Nice drunkenness. 😛

    I’ve never ridden my bike while intoxicated, surprisingly. Since I bike a lot and I drink a lot, but never drunken riding, lol. I should try it sometime.

  5. you mean “toggle”

  6. haha your spealing is awesome wen your drunk xD!!!!!

  7. hey sam,
    my name is tim and i currently live in the crappiest country on the planet named the United States of Shit. as you can tell im not to happy about being here, but what can you do. let me come ouot about what my purpose on your blog is… im a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. i graduated last march with a bachelors in hotel and restaurant managment, and im fanatical about japanese, french, and spanish cuisines… so i guess if you need any healthy recipe ideas im the man that you should be talking to, oh yeah as more proof you should listyen to me, ive been workin in the food industry for the last ten years of my life, and im only 23. ive helped open a restuarant, ive worked in a few top restaurant in NYC and food is my life, i live to eat and not eat to live. I LOVE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, AND IM HEALTHY AND FIT.
    i would like to move to japan in the next year or two and i think that you are someone who i could gain some information from and possibly when i move we could be friends who could chiz-izzle out. so let keep talking to eachother.

    p.s. oh yeah im a huge fan of your youtube videos as well as tokyocooney’s and rodgerswan’s

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