I GOT IT!!!!

I am a bad man


Why was I cheating so much on this diet?  BEcause I was thinking this shit would be the end of the world if I failed, but when I did “fail”the world did not in fact end.  So I kept cheating and have been making my weight stable instead of decreasing it, but I have been happy with that.


BUT I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!  I HATE, ABSOLUTELY “HATE” SALAD!  I mean, unless there is some nice malt and vinegar sauce on there (which little, if any sauce is allowed on this change of eating habits).  But I figured it out!  I can cheat!  But don’t make it a big deal!  Like if I wanna eat some curry, eat some curry, but eat a very small portion!  And have that accompany a very BIG salad!  I mean, its better to have a quater of a burger spread over the course of a week vs.  eating at once.  I don’t know, I am still trying to figure this shit out.  But no worries, I am feeling fine and been biking more and stuff.

You all just stay classy and keep doing your thing 😉




p.s-any of you make a reply vid to my recent vid asking who you guys are??


~ by tkyosam on October 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “I GOT IT!!!!”

  1. Glad to hear you’re trying to figure out how you might be able to lose weight and look sexy when you’re naked. 😉

    I’m pretty much in the same boat as you (YACHT PARTY BITCHESSS!!!)
    I am definitely eating way less then I would *ok maybe not this weekend since it was thanksgiving weekend* and it is paying off big time!

    I’m not sure if you got my comment on like 3-4 blogs back but I used to be a pretty big guy and now I’m not that big, I’m still big but I at least don’t look like a ball of fattiness ;P

    I love salad and vegetarian stuff but I just cannot stay away from the meatttt!
    I’m getting a gym membership soon or on the day of my 17th birthday (november 23rd) and I’ll be there everyday doing cardio work outs so I don’t build muscle up the ass which would totally void the reason of losing weight. Aha. So I cannot wait for that.

    All in all man, just keep doing your thing, and keep ballin’ 😉
    I wish you the best with your weight loseage. ^^

    By the way, add me on skype, I’d love to talk to you as you seem like someone who I can relate to a lot.

    Skype: CodeOfVulgarism

    Ja ne!

  2. Salad’s a tough thing, especially as it’s rarely done well. I’m a big proponent of eating the components you like; baby carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, whatever you like. Indulge yourself by eating the veggies you like, skip the ones you don’t. I love a baby spinach salad, but you just need to figure out what healthy stuff you like to eat.

  3. Don’t worry too much about cheating, especially in the beginning as it’ll take a while to get used to change. Also, I’m not much of a fan of salad either, unless it has stuff on it that ends up making it too fat (cheese, ranch dressing, etc.), haha. There’s a lot of other good healthy stuff you can make/eat, you just gotta figure out what’s available to you, but it’s good that you’ve at least kept you’re weight stable.

    I didn’t make a reply vid to that video of yours, but I did reply in a comment. 😛 I’m yylime on youtube.

  4. Sam dont make me bring my ass out there and start working you out like rocky

  5. Well the fact is you can eat salad, but eat protein too… I think just stay away from Fat food and such it should be okay I heard splitting the 3 common meal into 5-6 smaller meals helped a lot of people… and yeah… The DIET i hate to call it that way xD cause it forces you into something and it sucks but the major aspect of it is eat well, fish, lean meat, salads/veggies and fiber and eat slowly to give your stomach the time to tell to your brain he had enough… and then train like crazy about 30mins of cardio per day and I believe you should slim down quite fast *but don’t expect to lose 10 pounds in a week though LOL* if you lose like 1 pounds per week it’s great cause you don’t want to lose muscle mass too dont you?

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