…is not happening yet.  lol, this commitment shit is bullshit, lol.  I keep wanting to go to the gym, but keep getting sidetracked by friends and work, fuckin -.-


I understand if I want fast results I gotta be all hardcore about this and no cheatin what-so-ever, which even means stop eating school lunch.  I don’t talk much about my work on my youtube or my blog, mostly because it’s nobody’s business, but also, because my v/blog was never so supposed to be about my work, just cause there are already sooo many people out there bloging about that same job out there on teh internets.  To get down to the point, at work we have GREAT lunches!!!  It might just be school lunches, but when comparing to what I grew up with in the States, this is like comparing Wolfgang-expensive-cuisine-teh-black-black to garbage at the baby diaper center 0,0


So, when I did this diet last year, I was at a school where the food wasn’t that good and was cold as fuck!  The combination of freezing cold weather with being presented with not so appetizing food made it more possible for me to get through this.


Last year I was 20 lbs. lighter on that diet and felt light and more in control of my appeitite, I don’t know where I lost it, but I think it was eating the same shit everyday.  Break down of what I ate in general:

Breakfast: Fruit

Snack: Fruit

Lunch: Salad

Snack: Fruit

Dinner:Cooked vegie meal


Seems like a good plan to go off of and worrying about the small details later?

Rules about the diet:

-No dairy, anything with dairy=AIDS and DEATH

-No bread, or proccessed carbs like pasta and shit

-No meat (well, a little is ok, but only for taste :D)

-No desserts/junkfood/fastfood/sexwithhookers/etc.


The whole point of this change in diet is to get your body the nutrients it needs as fast as you can and get them in there and since you are eating more food than calories combined, you actually SHIT out your extra weight you are trying to lose…or something along those lines.


I was thinking about doing this and still eating school lunch (which agian, is fuckin awesome, tastes great, is fuckin cheap and 2nds are always available), but if I am gonna do this I gotta fuckin’ go all out!  Enough of this pussyfootin around bullshit!  Time to kill somebody!…I…I, mean make this diet shit work!  I promised myself that I would be 32inch waist by August next year and I have been lazy not doing shit!  I just gotta experiment the FUCK outta everything and see what I like and see what I hate!  


Like the first time I posted teh blog:

This is not supposed to be a DIET, this is supposed to be a CHANGE in DIET…forever.  So I can live longer and have a more awesome physically able life…and stuff.


ANywayz, enough of me bitchin’, can’t do anything til I get off my ass and do it!  I’ll cancel the school lunch from next week on!  Also, a vid will be comin soon on my diet update.

All for now, peace bitches.


-Sam out


p.s-(also, fuck yeah to OBAMA!  I knew he could do it 😀 )


~ by tkyosam on November 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Progress…”

  1. hey sam,

    don’t undernourish yourself because you’ll need all the grains and meat besides the fruits and veggies to get you going. for example, when i play hockey, it’s necessary for me to get a carbo-load before games. i admit, yeah, i had fried chicken and fries on certain days and i did well, but optimal performance matters, so when you’re out walking a lot in tokyo or skateboarding or whatever, don’t totally count out the meat and grains, man, they’re proteinaceous. just take everything in moderation and you’ll be just fine.

    i wanna get myself filmed on my first hockey game, so if i do, maybe i’ll put up a video response/introduction.

  2. A comment about the rules of your diet, you might want to reconsider the no meat rule. Now of course you shouldn’t eat a lot of processed meat like hot dogs or McDonalds or anything, but protein is really essential to a healthy diet. Especially if your are going to a gym and exercising. You can burn fat easily with just fruit and veggies and stuff like that but you’ll run yourself down to skin and bones. I’d suggest lean chicken or any lean fish. In other words, your body needs the protein from meat.
    Plus, adding the protein to your diet will help build some muscle which will in turn, burn more calories just because you have more muscle. If anything you should at least throw in a protein supplement if you aren’t going to eat any meat.
    One more thing, the organs exist to support the muscles and brain. So to a certain extent, the more muscle you have, the better your organs will function and the healthier you will be.

  3. hey Sam, Reading about your diet every months makes me wonder… seriously the idea is eat more vegetables, less fat, more protein, train more. well that’s what I’ve done mostly and it’s working really well on me, Seriously I hate to private myself but if there’s some fastfood or stuff like soda you can live without, do it, I stopped drinking cola and such ( Eheh in alcool It’s still okay LOL ) Well and there’s another thing, eat slower, and when you aren’t feeling the hunger anymore well you’re done, it takes about 15 minutes for the body to send you the warning that you’re full. And more Cardio and such, sadly… those are the key xD
    well u get used to it one day and then… people around you start thinking you are a fu**** anorexic and they are like : OMG YOU LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT YOU SHOULD EAT MORE and all that shit… worked too well on me … xD well it takes time and yet some other people are just slimming down real fast…

    I want you to succeed in your goal work hard, train hard, I know you got the motivation, you just need a good asskickin to get you started *which is the hardest* xD

  4. Hey Sam,

    I’ve watched a lot of your videos on youtube and enjoyed them and heard you were doing this diet blog.

    I am going to be blunt here, but that diet is terrible. Are you going to eat that way for the rest of your life? No. What will happen on that diet is, yes, you will lose weight, probably very quickly, but you’ll put it all right back on maybe even a couple extra because you’ll be so friggin hungry.

    The diet does have some redeeming qualities, fuits and vegetables are essential. There’s nothing wrong with meat though. Especiall fish. I don’t know if you like fish or not, but you have access to a ton of it. Put some grilled fish or chicken in your salads, and your veggie meal. Meat is fine as long as it’s LEAN meat. No fatty steaks or burgers, but lean chicken and fish. Also, dairy is fine too, whoever told you it’s bad is wrong. Drink 2% and nonfat milk, it’s good. Cottage cheese too if you can handle it. I know you hate it but Natto is a great diet food haha, lots of protein, relatively low in calories. Staying away from refined carbs is a good idea, but a little rice or a bowl of ramen here and there won’t hurt you. I’d even go as far as saying that you could eat ice cream everyday and still lose weight. Just don’t eat a whole carton of Haagendaus ice cream(we’ve all done it(or something similar) before haha). Go ahead and get an ice cream treat at the Conbini on the way home. The trick is to not keep any in your house.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

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