Sex and dieting motivation

Dudes, long time no post, comp has been shitty and poopin’ all over the place (haha, I made a funny), anywayz, I thought I would update my progress, on which, there is none.  Honestly, I haven’t had enough self discipline and influences lately in my life to give a shit about this diet and I’m cool with it.  Why?  Because this fat mofo is getting more ass than a proctologist at a rap concert (2livecrew bitches, word) and since I was kinda doing this to get healthy i thought “why not?”. 

I think most fat people wanna lose weight to get laid, I mean, in my opinion (which is the word of black jesus btw <.<) I think thats true.  I’m not dating anybody, but luckily I have some really, really friendly friends (whatever, use me  for English immersion and I will use you for someplace moist to ejaculate into…).  Ok, that was a little graphic, but guys/girls!  You can get Asian booty/ass/bang-bang/etc. no problem here, you just gotta stop being a pussy and actually be out going and TALK to people.  Stop trying to have some modesty, if you are a foreigner and don’t speak Japanese, then you are gonna look weird anyway, so might as well go with it.

lol, fuckin’ rambling on my own site is great, I don’t give a FCUK, lulz!

Anywayz, I wanna start adding more shit to this blog when I get the time, but for now I am gonna stick to making my movies 😉




~ by tkyosam on November 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “Sex and dieting motivation”

  1. fffffffffffffffffffff

    I can’t believe I sent my last e-mail to you before I read this. How could I have doubted you? Forgive me! As soon as the question arose in my mind, I should have stopped, leaned back, and said to myself, SAM ALWAYS GETS HIS.

    Now if I could just get Mahallah-hallah to take your advice…

  2. Thats all that matters man. As long as you hump every piece of ass that ever set foot on that island, thats all that matters.

  3. Totally diggin’ the new look!

  4. congrats on dippin the almond pond, but in all fairness you need to post pictures of these asian chicks I mean come on please post pics of asian chicks , thanks bro

    • Damn right, once i get more into this blog shit I will have no problem bringing envy and sadness to all the readers out there 😉

  5. Sam you dissapoint me! You got personality and charm (don’t worry sam, as manpretty as you are I prefer female ass) so don’t make everyone think simply being a foreigner equates to getting laid in japan. Truth be told…it helps a lot but you still gotta hunt for the kill so don’t sell yourself short!

  6. Okay, advice taken, If I ever go to japan, Let me hang around with you XD

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