I interview 有道出人 (Arudou Debito)

Yo guys, man I really need to start putting up more posts on this blog.  Since the diet has not been going anywhere, I mean, don’t worry, I am still eating well, but it’s nothing really structure, only indulging in a couple cokes, ice cream and macdonalds once in a while.  I am stlll eating a mostly Japanese food and drinking mostly water/water/beer/etc which means I haven’t lost any weight, but still being healthy.

Anywayz, this post is about ME meeting one of my big role models  when it comes to making a life about Japan.  This guy was born in and grew up in America, as Dave Aldwinkle, when he was 20 or so he met his Japanese girl friend and that basically started a series of events (which he wrote about on his site) which lead him to become a naturalized Japanese citizen and civil rights activist in Japan.

Now I get a lot of emails from you viewers telling me how much you wanna come to Japan and live here permanently, but I have never met or talked to anyone who could show they did any more research than finding out that Narita was the name of the airport in Tokyo, lulz.  Come on bitchez, when I seriously thought about moving to this country I did the research on teh intewebz and I came across his site.  Sometimes I think people who don’t know Japan that well. might get the imperssion that Japan is a very racist country after seeing his website, but overall I think he is trying to make this a better country for foreigners to live in and for that he gets a Tkyosam “*FUCK-YEAH-YOU-RULE-DUDE HIGH-FIVE*”.

Anywayz, enough chatting, here’s the video:

There are 7 parts of this video and it wasn’t intended to be a a proffessional/real video.   Just to show that he is a regular dude just like the rest of us.  So enjoy this shizzle and stay black


~ by tkyosam on January 11, 2009.

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