Noriko Calderon

I’m from the U.S and ANY illegal immigrant can come into the country and have a child and the child is automatically granted U.S citizenship despite their parent not being in the country legally.  I even read that it is popular for Korean mothers to visit the U.S when they are pregnant so they can have the child born in the U.S just to recieve U.S citizenship.

It’s obvious that unless Japan makes it easier for it’s citizens to have/raise kids, people are gonna keep not having them and the poplulation is going to keep decreasing.  Which means at one point Japan has to lift it’s arms in defeat and say “FINE!  FUCK IT!  BRING IN MORE FOREIGNERS!!!”, so they have people to take the construction jobs the ex-retired senior citizens keep complaining about doing.
In America, my family was poor and I grew up in government housing (ya know, the apts. in the ghetto parts of town).  It was like being in The Jeffersons, except not being “black” or “funny” -.-  It was funny, because my family was the ONLY one that WASN’T Mexican (from Colorado, remember) and so I had plenty of Mexican friends, all of which told me their parents were illegal immigrants, kinda ironic, considering this was all housing subsidized by the government, lol.  Point is, most of those people were GOOD people that might have don’t bad things to get into America, but I didn’t hate them on the circumstances their parents chose on how to get into the U.S.

Wow, 3 paragraphs later and I’m still not to the point yet.  So this girl Noriko Calderon’s parents came to Japan on false passports 10 or so years ago.  Now they were caught, were jailed, paid their fines and now are facing deportation, but their daughter, who has lived here for all her life, who doesn’t know any other language besides Japanese is being forced to go back to a country she know’s nothing about.
The options are:

1.  The government will allow her and her parents to stay in Japan.
2.  The government lets Noriko stay, but her parents have to go back to the Phillipines.
3.  Noriko and her family get all deported and sent back to the Phillipines.

It’s a tough choice, if Japan chooses #1, it will let Japan seem like it’s being more of an open country to foreigners,like the U.S, but it might show that the country is now letting anybody who sneaks into the country the same circumstances if they are caught.
If #2, then it at least shows Japan has SOME compassion as opposed to NONE.
If #3 then shows Japan can give a good example to world on how it doesn’t take shit from outsiders, like a reverse-Perry-gaijin-smash.

So this blog is about dieting, but seeing as I am not writing about that so much, I decided to start writing about other shit recently, so it will get me to write more about my opinions while I live in this country and shizzle.  Plus, the more you write the more your +writing skillage+ you get in this life RPG, so I gotta keep grinding this shizzle.

laterz peoplesz


~ by tkyosam on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Noriko Calderon”

    good one!

  2. construction jobs are on the rise again these days because the recession is almost over ;**

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