50 little things I like about Japan :)

50 small things I like about Japan:

hehehe, they need more of this in teh J-land

hehehe, they need more of this in teh J-land

1.  Smoking in Cartoons
2.  Teriyaki burgers @ Macdonalds
3.  Cars are smaller
4.  Cars are all the follwing colors: Grey, White, Black, Silver
5.  Short commercials (15+ seconds)
6.  Arcade machines you can SIT down at to play
7.  Police box always near by
8.  Convienent store always near by
9.  Cars drive on the LEFT side
10.  You can buy ice cream in a squeeze pouch :9
11.  Anime theme songs are done by popula/upcoming artists
12.  A “L” size meal set @ Macdonalds is the size of a “M” size in America
13.  People dress their kids in adult clothing
14.  School uniforms
15.  People who AREN’T businessmen/women, still wear suits -.-
16.  Public transportation is fast/reliable
17.  Cup Ramen has like 1 billion+ flavors here, all for less than $3
18.  Japanese fast food is a rice bowl w/ anything on top 😀
19.  Computers are cheaper and easier to find here
20.  Thrift/Recycle stores sell stuff that is practical and good shape
21.  Internet is fast as F*CK  🙂
22.  There are like, “5 brands” of beer and they all taste the same
23.  People keep beetles/other-bugs as pets here
24.  100円 store has almost ANYTHING you need to start up living here
25.  I can pay most of my bills @ the convienent store
26.  Most students come to school EARLY and leave LATE so they can take part in their school clubs
27.  Earth Quakes 🙂
28.  Seafood is cheap and plentiful
30.  CHEAP MANGA (In U.S, they’re $10 a pop new  <.<)
31.  Manga can be bought almost anywhere
32.  Public drinking 😀
33.  Toilet stalls down to ankle level
34.  Toilet seats with built in air freshener, deoderant, and seat warmers (*~x^*)
35.  Baths, what they lack in length they make up for in height 😉
36.  CD’S new cost $30
37.  Games/Movies can cost $50+
38.  It’s “cool” to own a scooter or minivan -.-
39.  Vending machines are everywhere!
40.  I get to play all the video games here before they get released in other countries (can anybody say “Tekken 6”???)
42.  You take off your shoes when going into somebody’s house
43.  Buildings (schools, apts., etc.) don’t try to look very unique on the outside
44.  There animals are still ALIVE when you walk by a public place (fish, turtles, ducks, etc.)
45.  I can dry my clothes outside
46.  The awesome “No hang-over drink” Ukon no Chikara
47.  Parents looks cool/young here
48.  REAL (well, at least “bitter”) Green Tea is in vending machines (hot or cold)
49.  I can practice speaking Japanese ANYWHERE 😀
50.  Kanji is on EVERYTHING 😀

There ya go, 50 little things/observations I made about this awesome country I am living in.  Stay black peoplesz.



~ by tkyosam on January 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “50 little things I like about Japan :)”

  1. cool list but I don’t understand why you like earthquakes.

    • lol, cause I never experienced them before, it feels like a heavy object feel down, except the shaking on the ground lasted for 5-10 minutes 😀

  2. And darned feminine standards of dress 🙂

    Great list. Stay black, man.

    BTW, this is David from the CGM meetup. Great blog.

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