Racism complaints from a viewer…



Loyal Tkyosam viewer:

Hello tkyosam,

Thanks for the interview with Mr Debito. It was really interesting to hear his opinions for real. The best part for me was the part where the japanese refused to speak japanese with debito. Reminds me that no matter who you are, to them we are still just ignorant white guys who are incapable of understanding the remotest part of japanese culture or language. The sheer frustration of never being accepted as an equal is possibly the hardest part of living in japan. I admired Debito’s handling of the situation, he remained very calm despite this complete lack of respect for a paying customer/ human being. I’ve totally flipped out and called the manager over before when a waiter simply refused to speak japanese despite many 何だよコラ、俺たっちゃ白人なのに、日本語喋れるじゃねえか馬鹿やろう、このフラ!!!! but then hey who cares.

Sorry to vent this on you its just that I for some reason thought that I’d be immune to this when I came to japan (I am just as good as debito at japanese) and I guess it shows you that as long as your skin colour is white (or at leas non asian looking) then you speak english and cannot possibly speak japanese.

sorry for the excessive negativity , but the video really just struck a nerve.

Stan (name changed)


hahaha, no worries dude.

I should really put into the description: “SHE WAS CHINESE!!!”, lol, her name was “Li”.

I like Debito for his information for living in Japan, not the whole racism/activist stuff, which I honestly couldn’t give a fuck about.  The only times I have been discriminated against was at a Soapland that I went to with my J-coworkers, but it’s ok, I was only coming because they were gonna pay.

If you look at this country from a negative view, you will  HAVE a negative view.  People like to blame shit on Japan being racist, but like Debito put on his website like the hair salons and real estate places and shit not allowing or not helping foreigners I just say “fuck it”, go somewhere else, there are PLENTY of other places that allow people in, so go there.

There is some racism (or people you don’t wanna deal with) and even if you couldn’t change their mind without the help from cops or the court, then just simply don’t deal with them.

Thanks for the email, stay black



~ by tkyosam on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Racism complaints from a viewer…”

  1. man racism is everywhere! no matter where you are. you’ll always find a racist wanker if you look for one.

  2. I love how you just straight up say you were going to a soapland. You aren’t even shy about it. Nice.

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