Sam’s Big in Japan 17-“Tkyosam meets TkyoGabe”

A little late to post this on the blog, but thought I would put a little back story to this here for the people who read this blog. So my brother still lives in the U.S and has never really left our home town, so when he came here he got hit with culture shock, HARD. But, aside from him retreating into my apartment for the last part of his trip in Japan, the times when I forced him to go out really did help, get some good footage at least. He stayed here for about a month and then headed off to Australia where he could be with white people who spoke ENglish, lol.

Anywayz, thats it, you all stay black.

Sam out


~ by tkyosam on February 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Sam’s Big in Japan 17-“Tkyosam meets TkyoGabe””

  1. All that dancing cracks me up! Great vid! 🙂

  2. I am wondering what your Mom told Gabe not to say (@ 2:12). Give us the goods, bro.

  3. Nice vid. You have your own car?

  4. Hmmmm…. makes me want to dance! Have you seen this video on Youtube?

    When I’m next in Tokyo I want to do it!!!

  5. Good vid Samson!

    How’s the weight loss going? Good? Nit pigging out and eating high calorie this and that? Or are you looking to get B I G G E R ?

    • lol, i quit the dieting as soon as i started getting sex on a regular basis. No worries though, the portions have at least changed when it comes to the meals 😀

  6. What part of Michigan are you from?

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