Asakusa and Guesthouse advice




I used to live in this really cool guesthouse in Tokyo called Khaosan.  This place was first started up by this couple (Tomio and Maki) because they loved traveling and they thought why not make a cheap/awesome place for people to stay where they were currently living (in Asakusa)?  They place is run by 3 managers (Michiko, Masa and Akira) and they are all very cool people and are always willing to help out the guests more than they need to.

The reason why I like Guest Houses over Youth Hostels is because guesthouses (short term accomodation) unlike Youth Hostels they:

-Don’t try to sell you anything (aka-give you lockers  to use, but you have to buy your own locks, have washing machines, but no washing liquid, etc.).
-Internet usuage is free
-Kitchen is bigger than a small closet
-No curfew!

At youth hostels they try to provide all the neccessities to all the travelers coming in, but at the guesthouse they are located near all those things anyway, so people only have to go a couple feet to get them outside the guesthouse.  The curfew thing is also a big deal, because even though the trains stop at midnight in Japan there are still a lot of fun things to do after midnight, but when the trains do start up again you wanna be able to get get back to your bed without having to wait til 9am for the doors at the hostel to open.

If you wanna know more, please check out Khaosan’s website:

also check out:

Kool, stay black.



~ by tkyosam on February 12, 2009.

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  1. I actually kind of wondered where you first ended up. Thanks for the interesting videos, I’ve always been curious about what its like to live in Japan and you give people a small taste of that.

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