South Korea friggin’ PWNZ

the red, white, and blue...and black

the red, white, and blue...and black


How long has been since the last post?  I really don’t remember, but anywayz, thought I would give you all an update on whats been up with your favorite Tkyo-ite lately.  Well, aside from staying in my house with sweat pants, a hoody, and nice heater next to me, nothing else, it’s fuckin’ COLD here!  Not that it is SUPER cold or anything, but like I’ve said before, Japanese apts./houses are known for not having awesome insulation.

Well, back to the topic.  DUDEZ!  South Korea fuckin’ pwnz!  I realized that it would be around the same price to travel anywhere far in Japan roundtrip as it would be to fly from Japan to Korea round trip.  So why not go?  I’ve been watching a lot of Korean dramas and been even learning Hangul.  Kind of doing 50/50 Alljapaneseallkoreanallthetime which is fun, because it really helps me appreciate all the Japanese I have learned up until now.  Like watching shit in Korean and not having a clue what they are saying without subs and then turning on my Japanese tv and undestanding a good 70%.  Pretty fuckin’ kick ass.

The plan is to go there in late March and stay til early April.  The yen is really strong so accomodation, transportation, and food aren’t going to be that unreasonable, like hell, I even saw some guesthouse for as cheap as 1000yen a night!
Well, thats all for now, I think I’ll post another video now.




~ by tkyosam on February 21, 2009.

One Response to “South Korea friggin’ PWNZ”

  1. Dude i’m totally thinking about doing the same thing! Except i’m going during golden week.

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