Racism in Japan, the blog post


ごめんね、日本の皆さんこのビデオはの会話、全部英語だよ。でも大丈夫、悪いの話しじ やないぞう。

Yo everybody, this is my buddy Khatz and I are talking about “Racism in Japan”, which we honestly don’t give a fuck about. Any time we have had a misunderstanding or encountered something that seems along the lines of “racism”, we usually can deal with it fairly easily. We have both experienced racism towards not being able to “get an apartment” and being “stopped by racial profiling ” cops, each time has not been a as a big deal as people on the internet make it out to be (at least in our opinions, which of course are the most valid on the world wide web…bitches).

Guys, seriously, this country is great, any time you think there is “RACISM” going on, take a step back, learn Japanese fluently, live here for a couple years, be intregrated into the culture before assuming “RACISM”.


Khatz’s website:


~ by tkyosam on March 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Racism in Japan, the blog post”

  1. I have to say Khatz’s **single comment** is more valuable than 100 pages of the average run-of-the-mill internet arguing drivel. He dealt with a single cop not as a “member of the Japanese race” but as an individual (after all, is not the opposite of racism individualism? what all the complaining foreigners think they are wanting but aren’t offer to the Japanese in their own behavior back?).

    I do however strongly strongly disagree with saying being in Japan is a privileged. If a society is free, why should any one person/agency/anything have the right to say some outside person is allowed or not allowed to participate in that society? In a real free country no one should ever have such power. (Democracy is just mob rule by the majority, just because they vote doesn’t make something right,– what if they voted away the right of free speech? Is that okay too?) And in case you are wondering, YES I do not believe the US government has any right whatsoever to restrict immigration of peace-loving people who do not have a specific criminal record in their home country.

    Hope this doesn’t get too far into politics, but a quick example is the prejudice of welfare. Example: why are US government welfare programs only distributing their money to people in the US who apply and not to anyone in the world SE Asia and Africa too? That is very racist and nation-centric and wrong. If they are going to steal my money and redistribute it, why is there the intrinsic implication that just because someone is from the same country they are more deserving? I have LESS allegiance to Americans on welfare than an average poor 3rd world citizen because I KNOW the American probably deserved what he earned, while the 3rd world guy might be a war-torn country and is poor through no fault of his own. So this relates back to why I oppose the ‘privileged’ to be in Japan and to immigrate idea. It is saying Japanese deserve a right to be there more than other people just because they were lucky enough to be born there.

  2. Hey Sam, unblock me bro.

  3. I thought you had a sense of humor…?

  4. Great site Im happy I stumbled onto it through my friends blog. Going to need to add another blog to the morning routine

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