Getting to know the Tkyo


Inspired by Hikosaemon and Raptor Jesus:

Here is the list:

Eye Color & Hair Color
Height & Weight
Occupation / School
Righty or Lefty
Favorite Color
Favorite Animal
Favorite TV Show / Movie
Favorite Cartoon
Favorite Song
Favorite Sport
Favorite Actor / Actress
Favorite Musician
Favorite Athlete
Favorite Comedian
Favorite Food
Favorite Drink
Favorite Number
Favorite School Subject
Favorite Clothing
Favorite Book
Favorite Snack Food
Favorite Season
Age of first kiss
Age you lost your virginity
Age you got married
Age you had your first kid
Have you ever been drunk
Have you ever gotten high
Have you ever been arrested
Have you ever been in a fight
Have you ever been in an accident
Most important possession(s)
Pet Peeve
Number of Tattoos
Number of Piercings
Best quality
Best physical trait

In the opposite sex…

Cute or Sexy
Taller or Shorter
Lips or Eyes
Petite or Big
Sweet or Caring
Easygoing or Serious
Sensitive or Loud

Thoughts on…

Gay Marriage
Gun Control

shit I forgot:
Height & Weight- 5’11/130 kgs
Favorite Cartoon- Fatal Fury (OVA)
Number of Piercings-0
Gay Marriage-Just like Marijuana-LEGALIZE!


~ by tkyosam on March 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “Getting to know the Tkyo”

  1. Hey, I didn’t know if you wanted anyone to do this list, but it was interesting, so here’s my list:

    Name – Manuel. I hate my name.
    Nickname – Junior. My mom hated my name too so she started calling me Junior; Juu(by some friends)
    Birthdate – March 22nd
    Birthplace – Modesto, CA USA
    Hometown – Modesto, CA USA
    Eye Color & Hair Color – H – Dark Brown; E – Brown
    Height & Weight – H – 6’0″; W – 325 (I’m not sure anymore, been working out, so it might be different.)
    Occupation / School – Student in University in CA; writer
    Righty or Lefty – Righty
    Heritage – I’m a mutt (Mom – Brazilian-Japanese, French, Italian. Dad – Portuguese, Spanish)
    Favorite Color – blue, black, green
    Favorite Animal – dog
    Favorite TV Show / Movie – I have a lot, recently, CSI, CSI: NY, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Yes Man
    Favorite Cartoon – South Park, Family Guy, various anime
    Favorite Song – “COLORS” by Utada Hikaru
    Favorite Sport – don’t have one
    Favorite Actor / Actress – Actor – Robin Williams, Actress – Rosario Dawson(hells yeah)
    Favorite Musician – A lot.
    Favorite Athlete – none
    Favorite Comedian – Robin Williams, Dane Cook, Steve Byrne, Maria Bamford, many more
    Favorite Food – What I grew up on. Brazilians know what I’m talking abaout here: rice, beans and the occasional linguiça. I also love fish.
    Favorite Drink – AriZona Green Tea and SoBe Life Water… It’s like crack man!
    Favorite Number – …I’ve never thought of that before…
    Favorite School Subject – English/Creative Writing
    Favorite Clothing – stuff that fits, Hooded sweatshirts, kick ass shoes
    Favorite Book – too many to post
    Favorite Snack Food – grapes. grapes are so yummy! my friends will know what I’m talking about. (Philip Nozuka. check him out on YouTube!)
    Favorite Season – spring and autumn. I like summer too because I like to swim.
    Hobby – drawing, writing, singing, hanging out with friends
    Talent – singing, drawing, writing poetry and stories
    Age of first kiss – haven’t kissed anyone yet
    Age you lost your virginity – haven’t lost that either
    Age you got married – not married/engaged
    Age you had your first kid – hasn’t happened yet
    Have you ever been drunk – no. I’m boring.
    Have you ever gotten high – nope. again, boring.
    Have you ever been arrested – no
    Have you ever been in a fight – a battle of wits, but never a physical confrontation
    Have you ever been in an accident – yes. one really big accident where i was badly injured and a couple small ones.
    Fears – hights and flying (part of the heights thing)
    Most important possession(s) – my iPhone(because it has all my music in it), my notebooks and pens, and my laptop (macbook pro mofo).
    Pet Peeve – people who are dicks. if someone is constantly a dick to everyone or intentionally being cruel, etc, I won’t tolerate that person.
    Number of Tattoos – Zero. I’m planning on getting a few though.
    Number of Piercings – none
    Best quality – I’m a good listener I think…
    Best physical trait – I don’t know. I guess face?

    In the opposite sex…

    Cute or Sexy – cute
    Taller or Shorter – shorter
    Lips or Eyes – eyes for me
    Petite or Big – I have no clue
    Sweet or Caring – can there be a mixture of both?
    Easygoing or Serious – I guess easygoing
    Sensitive or Loud – I would prefer both, but either one would suffice.

    Thoughts on…

    Abortion – It’s their choice, it shouldn’t be condemned or policed.
    Gay Marriage – It should be legal. Whatever floats your boat and helps you find your lost remote.
    Gun Control – leave guns for cops. protect yourself with a baseball bat or knife. enough said.
    God – maybe
    Aliens – maybe

    So yeah, this was something fun to do. Thanks for posting this.


  2. Why did you put Fatal Fury for favorite cartoon here, but DBZ for youtube? O_O

  3. It was all in jest for you are the Jester mas fina!

  4. Yo, Sam, new RIP SLYME album coming out in a couple of months called “JOURNEY”. Be on the lookout for that!

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