You wanna move to Japan? Here’s How:

How to learn and become fluent in Japanese:

Khatzmoto – is your household answer to learning Japanese-khatz-pic1NO!-any language you would ever want to know;while being organized, yet whitty enough to keep your attention through the long-but necessarily helpful table of contents. Khatz says what any of us could/should have guessed on our own when we first got the idea to study a language: IMMERSION.  You wanna learn a language?  You wanna learn it fast?  Then you gotta be like a kid and have no choice to be immersed in the language.   Khatz slaps that face formed by years of social conditioning of yours with palm of reason and logic!  Khatz is living proof that his own method works.  Khatz even says HE ISN’T SPECIAL!  If HE can DO IT then ANY asshole CAN!  No need to be suffering, play some video games and watch Japanese porno.  Speaking of assholes,  I have been doing it for a year and I am already better than most of my friends who have been taking it for years in school.  It works!  Do it!


How to get an idea of living in Japan Permanently, Building-a-house, Marriage, Divorce, Raising-children:

Debito Arudou– is the dude who wants you know about racism/discridebitomination about Japan. Now, if you are like me and have experienced zero-to-NO racism in this country, then you can skip all his articles about that shizzle and go directly to his page for “Long term Residents”. Here you are going to find tons of articles on awesome/interesting stuff, like getting Permanent Residency, Cycling in Hokkaido, and even building your own friggin’ HOME!

He is a funny dude who got big, people hate him because he has so many people that like him, those people can suck a chode 😀



How to get to Japan and teach English here:

Jason (Myargonauts) -This is Jason, he works for JET and likes to jason3make movies for the new ALT’s that are coming to Japan.  Now, this WAS meant only for the people coming to Japan on the JET program, but overall, the stuff he talks about is very practical and very helpful for Japan new comers like: getting a drivers license, buying big people sized clothing, and dealing with being gay (he isn’t) while teaching in Japan.  fd

AATEIJ– this website I came across by accident while I was studying Korean one day.  All About English Teaching in Japan has everything I wish I HAD KNOWN about Japan before I came here.  Visas,  Apartments,  Shopping, it is VERY oganized and will help you answer most questions you have about the job market over herelogo.



Other useful links:






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