Want advice? Get it yourself!

A wise wolf

A wise wolf

Yo dudes and dudet’s who might be still reading this blog.  Now  fair amount of my viewers out there ask my advice about a bunch of shit, shit that I might not even have a clue about.  I think that it might be just some viewers asking me just to see if I will reply, so they send me randomly emails like “what kind of flooring do Japanese apts. have?” or “Where did you get that hoody?  I want one!”.  Shit like that pisses me off, but I can guess most of those people are unintenionally being that annoying so I let it slide.

WHat I am getting at, is recently I got the やる気 (motivation) to start dieting again.  How did it happen?  Well, I recently moved (more blogs on that later) and with new beginnings comes new waist lines and now that I am no longer near any fast food places I feel it’s a good time to start up the EAT TO LIVE diet/life-style-change again.

Ugh, 2 paragraphs and I am still not getting to the point!  Ok, when I first started this diet I was such a n00b(still am) and was asking all my other friends on the same diet for help.  Now all of them were ok in advice, but it didn’t help me out with shit like “HOW TO MAKE MEALS“, which was the most important thing since I didn’t know how to cook at the time.  None of my friends (assholes) were willing to help me out with such a major factor in the diet.  So what’s changed this time around?  Well I recently discovered that there are PLENTY of people out on that interwebz willing to HELP YOU!  SO!  You know all those friends who are doing similar things like you are but are being dicks and not helping?  Well, FUCK’em ;).  Find some new friends and be happy you never have to ask those IRL friends for anything again 😉

Why am I so passionate about this?  It’s because people need to do shit themselves, it’s called self reliance(LINK) , but in order to do shit by yourself, especially long term shit, you need to have a little thing called MOTIVATION and to get there where would you uslally turn….no not to your grandma, fag.  To your friends, but your friends are busy with their lifes and bullshit, so we are going to the internet, oh wait, you DON’T like reading?!?!  That’s ok, we have this little website, you might have heard of it, it’s called YOUTUBE!!!  On there type in any shit you want more than likely there will be a vid about it.  Now all you gotta do is sit back, relax, scratch those testicles and watch the vid.


sorry for the long post.

Tkyo out


~ by tkyosam on April 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Want advice? Get it yourself!”

  1. Good luck with the Eat to Live diet, Sam. I discovered it through the AJATT site and have lost over a stone (14 pounds/6kg) in the last month, despite cheating on numerous occasions and eating restaurant meat dishes at least once a week, and that was with the blip of Easter eggs in the middle of things. Almost all this weight loss has come from the diet too, rather than exercise, because I’m a lazy bitch.

    I also pretty much suck at cooking, so I’ve been having a lot of salads. It’s a bit boring at times, but super effective, and I’m already finding that things like cheese and fries taste bad compared to the good stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, and mangetout. Zucchnis and Eggplants taste like ass though…

    Anyway, if I can do well on the plan, anybody can. You don’t even need motivation after a while, because you stop craving the bad stuff and start really enjoying the good stuff.

    • What do you put in your salads?

      So far I got:



      • Much the same, raw lettuce, tomato and cucumber are the basis of all mine, and I’ll boil things like flat peas, runner beans, spinach to add to them.

        Soups are also great, and easy. 5 minutes boiling some veg in just enough water – potato, leek, onion, sweet potato, garlic, spinach, kale, peas/beans, peppers, and blend it all with some nuts/seeds. The soups don’t look great, but they’re definitely edible.

        I’m finding the hardest part is planning for enough protein every day, without making every meal the same.

  2. Hi Sam. Good luck there!

    If you can do gradual dieting + a 30 day trial (Steve Pavlina style) you can build a good habit that won’t go away easily.

    The problem with diets is that you go “on” a diet and then you leave it. If you have a habit of exercise and healthy foods can be more successful in the long run.

    Scoobys Home Bodybuilding Workouts

    Gradual Dieting

    If you need more info, here we can help you anytime regardless you’re vegan or not


  3. Hey mate, My only advices Are simple, lots of veggies + chicken, you can’t go wrong with chicken xD it’s good and it’s full of protein, oh and while you are in japan and if you like fishes go for it too and then make your life a lot more active, run or get a bike if you can,and walk a lot more. That way worked fkn well with me. I hope you achieve your goals. Nothing is easy in life, everything takes time and dedication to get good results, and don’t call it a diet, if you say so, you are only going for a temporary solution 😛 make it a part of your lifestyle.

  4. Hi Sam,

    First of all, thanks so much for the videos you make. I’m coming to Tokyo for a year from the UK in January and they’ve been really, really helpful.

    This article struck a chord with me because three years ago, I was in a similar position. I was 6’1, 110kg. I hadn’t done any sport in years and I remember jogging across a two-lane road and having to stop for breath at the other side – for about a minute. Yes, a minute. Two years later I weighed 82kg. Now, a year later I’m 6’3, 90kg (that 8kg is muscle baby ;)) and I’m in my uni’s first team for rowing alongside rowers entering the GB squad. I now train twice a day.

    I’m not special and it’s not difficult. I just tried to understand the theory behind everything I was doing – personally I think that’s better than following a set diet.

    The big thing is exercise. Exercise used to be horrible but I found a sport that I liked and stuck with it. Doing it makes you feel so much better. It’s just like AJATT – if you like it, you’ll do it. Oh, and don’t be scared of fats. You need to eat fats to be healthy – they just need to be the right sources of fats.

    I’m not a nutritionist by any means but I learnt a lot over those three years. If you have any questions – what foods you should be eating, how many calories, times of day, heart rates, whatever – you have my email. Drop me a note.

    Good luck anyway!

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