A “Fuck You Japan” Day :D

Japan demoYo guys, whoever is still reading this shizzle.

Now you guys should know this by now, but in case you didn’t know, let me tell you: I LOVE JAPAN!!!!  This place is great!  Home of sushi, ninjas and every kind of porn known to man!  Since coming here I have had so many good experiences, lost weight, learned how to converse in a completely different language – overall – GOOD SHIZZLE.  But sometimes there is stuff that happens, not just to me, I garuntee everybody who is a foriegner living here can agree there is just a moment where you hate this country.  Hate the people, hate the customs, the electronic ladies voice coming from the toilet seat.  It’s not just a “bad” day, it’s a “bad day” accompanied by being in a foreign culture.

Ok, so why am I even bringing this up?  Last weekend I was in Tokyo clubbing and hanging out with my buddy Lex and we were trying to kill some time before heading to a club, so we were going around Shibuya and chatting with random Japanese people.  We were being nice and saying “Hi” and introducing ourselves and just trying to be nice and open towards our native hosts.  Except at the end of meeting ANY of them, they would very passively-agressively tell us to leave them the fuck alone -.-  In Japan you have this thing called たてまえ(bullshit feelings) and ほんね (true feelings), now every country has it’s own style of being passive agressive, but since this is the internet and I HAVE a computer with internet and a blog account I feel the need to say shit I am not 100% sure about, just like I would say now how Japanese people are the best bullshiters in the world 😀 !!!!!!!

I love this place, I really do.  I feel more connected to this country than I ever did to my own country.  Even though I have only been living in this country for 2 years, Japan has been a major part of who I am ever since I was a child and when people ask me if I would take Japanese citizenship, the answer would be a “HELL YES!”.  “You can’t choose where you are born, but you can control where you want to be after we reach adulthood” one of my viewers told me over Skype.  I honestly don’t see myself going back to America to live, sure I might go back for a couple years for further educational needs, but other than that I see myself being an expat for the rest of my life.  The only reason I would get citizenship here would be just so I never have to leave this place after that happens.
This has turned into a rant about “citizenship” when it was supposed to be a rant about Japan sucking hardcore for an instant second.  You gotta look at the glass of water from all perspectives.  One person says “the glass is half empty”.  One person says “the glass is half full”.  I say “man, why are you guys looking at my Urine sample?”.  You gotta try to look at every situation from the opposite view of you.  SUre all those people were passive assholes basically brushing me off 5 minutes into a conversation with me, but I mean, for all I know, they could have all had AIDS or the Plague and just wanted me to get as far away from them as possible so I wouldn’t fall victim to it too 😀

Whatever, end.



~ by tkyosam on May 18, 2009.

5 Responses to “A “Fuck You Japan” Day :D”

  1. Stay blizzak, Sam!

  2. Hey Sam just gotta say,
    Dia by Jumbo.. great choice! 😉

    And it was AIDS.

  3. 😀 so true! but well, you met me so now I know you consider me as a swedish, huh? hug! Asuka

  4. wait, but I wanna hear about the bad day…


  5. japanese people have a poker face.. they are nice in the outside but hate you inside of their hearts … i hate poker faces

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