Watch this video from my friend Jason:

Jason is my buddy that I mentioned in a past blog about living in Japan.  This dude is a great guy and has helped countless people in the process of wanting to live/teach in Japan.  In the video he said that fuckin Troll told his school that is a bastard-asshole-white-monkey who shouldn’t have videos of him at his school, etc. etc.  This hater is called uverman65676 (whatever forgot), he has been a pain in my ass and all the other youtube jvloggers out there, most of us ignore him (so did I, he even posted hate shit on this blog and my youtuber), but since Jason gave us his school name in his vids the hater found this out and contacted Jason’s school.

“NOW!  WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT SAM!?!?”, good question.  Well for starters, send an email saying how much Jason has affected your life and helped in so many ways relating to teaching/living in Japan and express your anger towards these unholy beaurocratic douche bags in charge of his job.

Send the email to:

Thanks guys, lets SAVE JASON!



~ by tkyosam on May 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “SAVE JASON!”

  1. I would be more than happy to help out, Sam! Unfortunately, I can’t type Japanese and I don’t want to send them a garbled mess via Google Translate/WorldLingo. It would good no be, hehe.

    Jason has been quite informative about what living in Japan is like (up there with TokyoCooney and Danny Choo). I especially like his more recent vlogs with some of his former students like Hitoshi.

    Go Jason!!

  2. video is down ><

  3. nevermind, he uploaded another one

  4. Well Jason already asked for people to stop the emailing, he is honored soo many care. I sent mine to clair, it’s such a shame he had to change something that was good.

    Will you go on being GTS even though there are alot of Japanese people (mainly older ones) against foreigners??

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