Sam is an Asshole – 1

This is a little series of posts I make when dumbasses on Skype say shit to me that I think is stupid or irrelevent  to anything….and it shows me pointing that out and being a dick.  Here is a clip from one of those skype chats:


Sorry dude had to post this:

[12:46:37] Aaro: well
[12:46:37] Aaro: like
[12:46:45] Aaro: before you walked in on our convo
[12:46:51] Aaro: i was saying how i got to okay for sex
[12:46:53] Aaro: from my gf.
[12:46:56] Aaro: well..
[12:46:56] Aaro: idk what to do
[12:47:10] 三夢(Sam): fag
[12:47:12] 三夢(Sam): lol
[12:47:15] Aaro: fuck you hoe


~ by tkyosam on May 26, 2009.

One Response to “Sam is an Asshole – 1”

  1. yeah, that guy just didn’t know how to take a joke i think. and it’s kinda is silly to go into a chatroom to ask about something like that anyways… but if you’re gonna ask for sex advice…in a chatroom… don’t take yourself so seriously…

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