….and I’m on ニコニコ動画 too apparently!

I don’t know how to embedd that shit, but if you go to the site and make an account you can see it :3

I want to extend a much appreciated thanks to whoever subbed that!  You rock!


~ by tkyosam on June 1, 2009.


  1. Hey tkyosam.

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    And what do girls find attractive no matter what culture they are from: Manhood – manhood101. com to be exact. You’ll never have to go to a Soapland to satisfy your sexual needs ever again. Cause there be bitches to hit up all around ya, see.

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  2. Oh YIKES that manhood guy is all over the place. He likes to spam blogs. He’s done some pretty asshole stuff on livejournal and all that.

  3. ok, i can only read “email” and “password” where’s “sign up”? haha, you should put a warning ” not for the beginner in Japanese.” XD

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