Are you serious?

Re: Re:My trip to Japan
Are you renting that guest room out at your new apartment? Also, I added you on myspace so you can get a better idea of who I am. If you are renting out your guest room, we will gladly pay up front, your whole months rent and utilities.

Lmk and I will work on staying black, lol.


My apartment? Are you serious? lol. I mean, I know that I come off as a cool guy and all, but I am also smart – “smart” meaning I don’t let random people I have never talked to or know stay at my dwelling <.<

hahahaha, go online, find a place to stay, good luck.



~ by tkyosam on June 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Are you serious?”

  1. ummm… so is Magibon German or something? She looks like a German chick I know…

  2. LOL gotta love people with weird requests xD

    @Troy what does that question have anything to do with the post …

  3. Lol the price of being famous. U attract teh weirdos

  4. LMFAO the last part about myspace sounds like somthing i would have said but the first part definetly not…

    With Fame comes stalkers….

    I would have said no too personally I love my privacy…

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