The Riddle

I love this song, thought I would share it with you guys 😉


~ by tkyosam on June 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Riddle”

  1. hey sam idk if your still doin your diet but if u are good luck with that im a fat fuck and dieting and shit too and also wanted to say thanks for all the vids ya make there pretty fuckin awesome : )

    • Thanks dude, stopped the diet for now. I don’t know, all the excuses in the world and all I can think of, is I feel good eating shit and getting laid every so often really makes me think I don’t need to change at the moment^^

      stay black dude

  2. OMG This was on a tape my dad made us when we were kids. I haven’t heard it in years. Loving it!

    Just caught your latest youtube vid. Keep em coming dude!

  3. just eat fish no carbs will take the weight off you live in japan fish is cheap and lack carbs…

    I remember I stoped eating anything but fish [私はなん否出ぶ(わたしはなんいいえでぶ)(im not fat)] and went from 180 – 165 once now im 175

    Remember this you have to really want it. Like when you wanted to learn japanese its a commitment…

    but what the fuck do i know im not the youtube super star

    Seriously your cool how you are but I respect the choice of personal fitness

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