My viewers need to get laid.

wolf ur momSo almost everyday I get emails from people on youtube trying to ask my opinion on shit about this country, but sometimes I just need to make fun of their n00bness and post this shit on the interwebz.

“Hi I am {name changed to =American-virgin}. I am heading to Tokyo to attend Waseda University and would like you to perhaps help try end an internet debate. On the Internet you have things from people on 2 sides. 1 japanese women generaly like foreigners. general data it seems on Fukuoka magazine and others. The women that definatly will not date foreigners is in the minority about 11-10 percent. Or 2 They definatly will not date a foreigner you might as well be a monk and join a monastary.
I think maybe you should provide people with a realistic view on what is happening. Would it not be a good idea to provide the importance of learning the language? Generally don’t you think women would rather be with a guy who can speak her language? Then the importance of knowing protocols. Rules and the like, knowing what might be considered radical behaviour in Japanese society but is normal in a western environment.
I think this is important. Saying japanese women do not like foreigners sort of reflects on the society as whole to be extremly intolerant or even extremly racist. Other rumors you should provide is that the women who date foreigners are either ugly, social outcasts or desparate. What is your view on this? Would you think if you are attractive and know the language your chances be about the same as it is at home? I know you have commented before that it is usually easier but I think elaborating could help end a discussion that sometimes gets quite nasty.”


Dude, you are thinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much into this shit.  I know you have never stepped foot into this country so your brain is going nuts right now  obsessing about the bukkake and awesomeness.   You also (no offense) sound like a virgin, lol.  People who get laid don’t think like this <.<  You need to get away books and and computers nad just get out there and figure this shit out this self.

My roommate Isaac just read this wonderful email that you sent me and he would like me to add that “Too much brains, not enough cock and balls. Hooking up with women here is the same as anywhere else.  Getting laid is the same around the world, if you can just fuckin go up and not be a pussy and just talk to women and show your confident then you will get some ass, brohan ;).”

Good luck with the women bro, remember you gotta crawl before ya walk.  And you don’t learn walking from the internet dude, lol.  IRL is the place to be 😉




~ by tkyosam on August 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “My viewers need to get laid.”

  1. haha Did he reply to it? It’s like he’s preparing himself to scream racist to any girl that wont date him once he gets there.

  2. That guy is a retard. You should publish his username just to spite him. Girls are girls everywhere. It seems like he thinks girls are a totally different species in Japan. Its ridiculous. Foreign cultures do affect thinking; but it seems like he is saying he’s actually expecting an automatic lay or everyone is a racist. Tell him he needs to get off the WOWcrack.

  3. Way to stay black, Sam!

  4. Sam is the albino Black Man! Lol Stay proud!

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