9:20 AM
the only time hookers and blow is wrong is when your blowing the hookers D:
9:21 AM
9:21 AM



~ by tkyosam on September 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Awesomesness”

  1. Whats up my president!!!!!! hey dropping a line on your blog site.Hey how did you get work in Japan??? I enrolling in school and want to know what I might need to major there ( i honestly would work in a mcdonalds in Japan if it got me there (big mac’s are delicious by the way)to see japan)I want to learn from the man from the J-land so hit me up.

    • Did you see my faq? finished school, came over, lol. like Captain Planet once said: “THE POWER IS YOURS”!!!

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