Stupid Questions – Stupid Answers

You feel it

You feel it

Sometimes I get emails that I just get a feeling that the viewer just wants to be acknowledged and therfore asks me a really stupid question(s) hoping that I might point out their stupidity or even worse….become their *gulp*…”friend” o.O

Well this dude’s email today seemed well wrote out (only a few spelling errors).  But still asking me retarded questions, nonetheless:


i got four questions for you

1: why cant you tell us your age your a man?

(Because everybody is already agiest as it is here, don’t need anybody else judging me for my age)

2: if your a stripper/prostitute how do you prevent aid/stds?

(This dumbass believes that shizzle?  How do we prevent your mother from birthing you (aka-biggest STD-retards)?

3: how did you fined a job in japan with out a degree?

(Never said I “didn’t” have one)

4: can i stay at your place in the future when i move to japan i want to live there someday i look up to you and tokyo cooney
(This was the “big hint” suggesting this dude is probably under the age of 15 and just looking for attention.  I hate people like this, what in the world makes them think that would even be a possibilty?  Like where is the logic in asking somebody who doesn’t even know who the hell you are to crash at their place?  At least with my other youtube friends I have SEEN them on their YT channels and have gotten to know them, unlike this young [probably virgin] dumbass with an anonymous account.  It makes me very happy that you look up to me, but at the same time I feel real bad that retards look up to me…]
ps: keep bloging



Thanks for the email dude, I really appreciate it 😉  So here is a thought out

reply to your questions above followed in the numerical order in which you listed.

1.  Go to people’s houses

2.  Steal underpants

3.  ????

4.  Profit

p.s-shizzle 😉



~ by tkyosam on October 5, 2009.

14 Responses to “Stupid Questions – Stupid Answers”

  1. lol any idea the name of that game?

  2. do you liek mudkipz sam?

  3. yo sam, I get it that people can be annoying and what not, but seriously dude there’s no need to mock these kinda people out… Chances are you’re right and he is young, and there’s also a good possibility that he is close to or alone in his interest. You’re someone who is living his “current” fantasy. You’re a young guy that seems very approachable, so in his thoughtful excitement about possible future adventures he asks you silly/unreasonable things. Think about it, if he was to read this what would that do to his confidence? People like that are very sensitive to crap like this. So stop acting too cool for school and cut people some slack. ね?

  4. now thats what I call fanmail…get it?…”fanmail”…*shrug* never mind -_-

  5. What’s worse is complete strangers IMing you and the 2nd thing they say is “I feel like my life is spiraling out of control”

    Attention seeker much?

    Hope to see more video updates from you soon~

  6. “Like where is the logic in asking somebody who doesn’t even know who the hell you are to crash at their place? ”

    HAHA! I find this very funny.

  7. OMG i cant believe you have did this to me sam :(:(:(:(:(:(:( im going too kill myself

  8. Doing it for shizzle

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