Sam’s best advice #482

I love giving advice :3

I got a nice email from a viewer from Finland today^^.  Having viewers send me mail is one of the funnest things about making videos on Youtube.  Thanks to Youtube I get to great people from around the world to communicate with me and the best part is they come to ME(…well, Tokyo as far as anyone is concerned, but still close enough!…)…Anyways, lets get to that email:

Hi, my apoligies if this has been asked before or if this isn’t the right place to post such questions. Anyway, I found out your videoblog a few days ago and I really like your videos. You have a great sense of humor, you tell many interesting things about Japan and you show many places that no other vblog shows.

Here’s the question and it’s also in the title: Was moving to Japan scary? And were you a bit lost at first?

I mean, I have been thinking of going there for a few weeks first and later for a longer period of time. But actually moving there… I live by myself here in Finland too, but it’s a lot different to move to another country that has a different kind of system (driver’s license, insurances, school, jobs etc).

And here is my most sincerest reply I could give to such a mail:

Yoooo~  Wad up???  Thanks for the mail bro 😉

Moving to any country that isn’t your own can be scary bro^^I have these things called “testicles” and “black power” that help me not worry about such little things as “language barriers” or “driving insurancez”.

Come over, remember you have those testicles and the rest is up to fate.

stay black


It’s gonna be funny if that was a chick that emailed me, lol.  Well guys, got some other shit on the way, I know people might not read this blog as much since I don’t update that often, but I DO have a lot of articles I have written so far.  Just get through half of them and lose the motivation to write (hence the shitty-impulse writing bullshit I post on here most the time).  Hope you all are staying black and keepin’ your bitches in line, etc. (blackblack).


~ by tkyosam on January 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sam’s best advice #482”

  1. I definitely think that one of the things that make your videos (and advice) so cool is this sense of fearlessness that you promote. And your proof is in the puddin’.


  2. I have not one but 2 testicles, it’s official – I’m moving to Japan! …not -_-

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