Try my hand at translating me getting trolled, lol

todd: SHUT DA FUCK UP!!!!

I think I was being trolled….

1st email:


6月に東京に越してきました こっちに友達いないし、こっちのことまだ詳しくないんで、 Tkyosamさんよかったら、マイミクお願いしても良いですかぁ☆

(trans- Hello, I moved to Tokyo in June and don’t have any friends here and I don’t know that much here, if you are ok with it, please accept my MIXI invite).

My response:



東京はめっちゃいい町だよ。引っ越したらって良かった 😀 千葉はチョウ詰まらなかった -。-

とにかく、今日から宜しくね :)

(trans- Thanks for adding me.  I checked out your profile.  Are you Japanese?  You said that you moved to Tokyo right?  I love this place!.  I’m happy I moved here.  Chiba was really fuckin’ morning.  Well anyway, from today on shizzle.

2nd email:

遅くなってごめんね  日本人だよ  ちなみに今何歳で普段何してる人ですか?

ウチの事は、あやのって呼んでね  最近彼氏と別れたところで、ウチは吹っ切れてるんだけど  元カレが引きずってて、こっちまで辛い今日この頃です…  だからホント、メッセありがとうです


(trans- Sorry for the late reply.  I’m Japanese.  By the way, how old are you and what do you do?.  Recently I broke up with my boyfriend, I was the one the who broke up with him, but he was becoming distant and it’s been very hard recently.  So, really, thank you for the email.  By the way, my love, will you come my way?

3rd email:



これでTkyosamさんとメール出来なくなったら嫌だし 元カレが知らないココで話できない??

ウチから探しやすいようにTkyosamで入ってくれたら、すぐに声かけにいくから  あやので入って待ってるからね

(trans- My ex just deleted your email. I told him to stop and it looks like he could care less.  I’m so pissed that I can’t email you now.  My exboyfriend doesn’t know if we talk here.  To find me is easy, once you find me contact me, your friend Ayano is waiting for you, ok^^)

(if i missed something, feel free to correct it


~ by tkyosam on August 28, 2010.

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  1. Do not feed the troll!

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