My viewers are retarded -.-

viewer gets anus shot

A very stupid/young Swedish boy emailed me the other day, thought I would share with you people the random/retardedness of some of my viewers -.- Enjoy:

Hello TkyoSam. I know you have no idea who i am but i have a personal problem and no were to turn. I met this girl in Sweden a long time ago. She was Japanese. For a whole bunch of reasons we won’t be able to meet for another 10months. Personal problems and economical. She can’t come because of her family and i can’t come because i don’t have enough for the hotel and all that. But if i can get somewhere to sleep it would be okay and i could come right now. I could help with other stuff like housework and stuff. Im godd at that and i have Skype and stuff so we could talk there if it would be okay. I would just be staying for almost 1 month. I would appreciate a quick answer. Im good at cleaning 😉 I just really don’t want to lose this girl.

My reply:

You were asking if you could stay at my place for a month? You fuckin’ kiddin me dude?! I don’t even know who you are lol.

Good luck man, my advice is stop asking people you have never met if you can stay at their place for a month. Kinda turns people off, hahaha.




~ by tkyosam on August 29, 2010.

One Response to “My viewers are retarded -.-”

  1. Like my mom always said.

    “Get a job!”

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