Japan’s Earthquake- You all need to seriously chill the fuck out

Seriously, get in here.

I’m loving this ride of emotions/panic that everybody else seems to be caught up in. People are sheep. I know you have the right to be worried/scared, but there is only SO MUCH preparation you can do before you just realize “fuck it” and sit back, grab some beer and watch Dexter in Japanese.

Because IN THE END, if you aren’t going to the actual site where shit was destroyed and help everybody; you should just STFU and do something else productive with your time.


SAM (I live here, bitch)

I mean, come on.  In general, many people lead very boring lifes.  Japan is full of these people.  Maybe this is why there are so many great video games and anime being made in this country.  It reflects the really-really boring lives of the people living here.  This isn’t a bad thing, but still helps you get a focus on why people *look-like* they are freaking out so much.  There lives are boring.  This NEW Earthquake affects everybody.  It’s everyones personal drama.  Now people have shit more interesting to talk about besides work and their spouses cheating on them so they naturally riding the  wave of emotion and seemingly “panic” that is being portrayed on tv.

This, like anything else that has happened in the past (katrina, kobe, shicuan) is going to pass and a year from now people will have moved on with their lives.  ALL THIS, will become old news before you know it.  Unless you have special skills or experience in stuff like “medical/construction/rescuemanagemen/etct” I would suggest waiting for the professionals to tell us specifically how we can help.  If you just drive up there I bet a lot of roads are currently being blocked and since the gas stations are all fucked all you are ending up doing is stranding yourself and blocking traffic.

The difference between you and me is-it’s already old news.  Fuckin’ go buy your canned goods and gas masks while I sit here with my Macdonalds and laugh at you.

It does really suck for everybody up north, but besides from donating to the red cross I have no plans to go up and help.  I have many friends who I still can’t contact up in Sendai and it really hurts to look at the pictures of the destruction, but like all people just-like-me, all we can do is WAIT.  SO chil.  Beer.  TV.  All good.  Take your mind off this shit and don’t let some hysterical bitches get you caught up in the fanatic bullshit as well.  Be clear.  Concise.  Think for yourself and don’t let other people get you to change your mood/attitude.



(My mentality about this whole situation^^)


~ by tkyosam on March 14, 2011.

8 Responses to “Japan’s Earthquake- You all need to seriously chill the fuck out”

  1. I think you have the right attitude about the whole thing. ^^
    It’s your attitude that counts.

  2. Has your opinion changed at all in the past few day? France told their nationals to get out so did the Brits. Do you have some potassium iodide tablets? Its crazy in the States, people buying that stuff like mad. Went on Amazon was 15 bucks a pack now going for 250 to 400…Crazy. People are like sheep;I listen to the professionals, but when governments start saying get the fuck out specially France that has the 2nd highest number of Nuclear reactors that’s something to think about. Anyway take care man, I’d suggest getting a turtle…preferably teen aged and keep it outside…and maybe just maybe you can be its sensei.

  3. “Because IN THE END, if you aren’t going to the actual site where shit was destroyed and help everybody; you should just STFU and do something else productive with your time.”

    That’s harsh man. You don’t have to go to the actual site to make a difference and help people out. I totally disagree with that.

  4. Ain’t that the truth.

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