To a friend that was leaving-

My bud was whining about how he needs to leave Japan because “his family” wants him to leave.  I wrote this on his wall:


You are basing your decision not on your own accord bro. You don’t speak Japanese, you have no REAL Japanese friends. All the people telling you to leave are people back home who watch FOX news and the French. Both of which, are uninformed pussies. I’m pissed because you(my good friend) is leaving. I wish you would stay. If you won’t, at least don’t bitch about it on facebook. It just makes me mad. You want a fuckin’ pity party for your own “decision”. Your family ain’t making you go home. You’re a fuckin’ 27 year old man who is independent from your parents (or at least you should be). Admit you are going home because you are an uninformed pussy instead of “my parents want me to go home”.


All I’m saying is, “do you want some whine, with that cheese?”

fo real son



~ by tkyosam on March 19, 2011.

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