How I learned Japanese (AJATT, explained in Tkyo語)

yup, assholes

Yo, I got this email from some badass mofo in the U.K asking about how to acquire language awesomenss, here is his inquiry:

hey sam so im quite far in reading the stuff thats on table of contents. its really good but just a quick question, could i learn japanese by watching japanese anime? they have english subs so im gonna have to hard subb like in your youtube movie you show us how to block subs lol genius =p. but would you say thats the best way of learning japanese just by watching anime. i cant read books since i dont know the language im GREEDY FOR MY ADVICE. cya later u sexy beech =]

i think i might of embarresed myself with that question but oh well (y)”

My response was:

“Yeah, if you watched it 18+ hours a day w/o subs would help, but thats not doing it fully.Read the table of contents again dude, lolEnvironment media=all japanese
SRS=kanji first, then sentenceskey point=do fun shit in japanese”

He had some more questions:   

hey sam im getting a PHD in media which is the highest media grade to get. now what media is if you dont know is creating all sorts of graphics such as website graphics graphcis for games etc, also covers photography, games development and programming, website design and creation so now you should probably guess. whats the chances of me actully getting a job in Japan because i havent had time to learn it since i had nonstop college and yes! i remeber what you said, theres no such thing as “i dont have time”. but the spare time i had i was so tired to do fuck. but now im getting more spare time. so as you know i live in england but from south wales. now everything is in english. what you was saying earlier about putting yourself in a japanese enviorment is like extreme. 18 hours a day, and once i have studied japanese for 18 hours a day, then when i come back into the real world im back into a english enviroment. my question is how did you stop the english enviroment interfere with the japanese enviroment. also if you was to give me the best 3 tips ever! for learning the japanese language and 3 great tips of the japanese language i will love for ever. but seriously you are the man to talk to, cya later /\/1G

Good questions, here is my response:

Dude, I’m not in media (well, I am, but only translating side). You can get any job in Japan pretty much if you speak Japanese and have the shizzle to back it up yo.

Japanese environment=media(music, video, books, etc.)                                 -this is to get your language listening input.

Daily shit you SHOULD do-SRS (input 30 new kanji/sentence each day). Then do 100 reps.

LISTENING+SRS=language acquisition yo

We do the listening to naturally learn and get used to the language. The SRSing is to increase our vocab, as well as our writing and reading.

The overall point of wanting to learn something is to learn it in the quickest, most efficient way possible….and I think the AJATT way is the way to go.  You wanna try other shit, fine, but lets see you get more fluent than me in a shorter amount of time.


~ by tkyosam on May 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “How I learned Japanese (AJATT, explained in Tkyo語)”

  1. Hadn’t come across this AJATT site before. Some really great articles on there, and from my experience studying languages I would have to agree with most of everything this guy is putting out there. The laddering technique he mentions is particularly interesting, I have been half-utilizing it in my study of Chinese, using known japanese as a reference point for new chinese words, and have to say that when I am able to do this, it really does help you remember new vocab better.

    As a side note, I was previously using for my SRS, but recently they went pay2play and I’m too much of a tightass to buy a subscription. I have noticed a decline in acquisition since, and I am thinking that I might need to bite the bullet and pay up.
    Can you recommend any remaining good free SRS options for Japanese so I can keep my money for hookers and blow?

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