Interesting/Racist mail from a Korean viewer


I got this email yesterday from a youtuber who seemed like he wanted to educate me more about how S. Korea is teh moar awesome teh black blackk than teh J-land.  Interesting read with a sprinkle of racism on the side.  For your viewing pleasure w/ all the spelling/grammatical errors intact 😉 If you wanna see the funny part go to the bottom part of the post where my response is:


Why exactly Japan is the fallen economy. why Korea is superior over Japan. read below. and face the truth.

Why exactly Japan is the fallen economy. why Korea is superior over Japan. read below. and face the truth.

since mid 1980 to 1990. the economy of Japan’s has droped its size to 1/3 (Nikkei; from 30,000 to 12000) and never showed positive increase since. moreover, the 4/4 term economic growth (TGDP) of Japan in 2008 was -12.4%. can you imagine how serious it is? how about this, do you know the Term GDP growth of Japan’s 1/4 in 2009? -15.3%…. -15.3% !!! —> does this ring a bell? its over. its over dame it.

That is why the long term dominant political party (Jamin) which ruled Japan for 55 years, has finally become to lost the support of majority of Japanese people. now the government is changed to Democratic. however, I do not think they can recover thier fallen economy. why? do you know the unempolyment rate in Japan? its 5.3% !! its not including those part time job or people who are trying to get a Job, so their actual unemployment of Japan should be around 15%. imagine, a country with unemplyment rate of 5.3%-15% and with GDP growth of -15%, plus the national debt (200% of their GDP). who is going to pay tax? no one..than what? the country is in deep shit.  so how is the Japan’s government going to get rid of the national debt? of course, its not possible. they will never be able to pay that fucking debt.  that is why I think the govenment of Japan is hopless and vagetative. it has no power or no control over the people. its already fallen tree. truely…

Many economist is predicting that Japan can never recover their economy and incomparison, Korea is way better that Japan in economic situation. Korea economy is quickly reaching the GDP growth rate up to 4.5% by 2010. it will continusley growth for at least 10 years with such high growth rate. why? because Korean economy do not have such big financial debt. (Korea’s national debt is only 34% of the year’s GDP, Japan’s debt is 200% of their GDP, 200% !!).. this mean, they are even hardly paying their ass off for interest rate of their financial debt. (lets say, if you were earning 100 dollar a year, if your debt is 200 dollar, what if the interest rate for your debt (200dollar)  is around 10% for example, in that case, the Japanese government has to pay 20 dollar (its 10% of their debt (200dollar) from their year’s profit)  every year out of 100 dollar(the year’s GDP) just for the interest. 100 -20 =? 80 dollar. this is not only the problem.  with 80 dollar, the govenment can not manage the country’s economic spenditure, its just not enough, so the current Japanese govenment is vegetative. do you get it now? why Japanese bank can never increase the interest rate? its because of their financial debt. which mean, Japan can not control their economic recession with the govenment’s financial aid or whatever.. do you even know what this mean?  they are fucked up. because they dont fucking have money !! alight? dont fucking have a money !!  thats the fucking truth right here. alight? one more explanation for Korean economy.

Korea -> ( Ship buliding, buliding construction, Iron production, electronic industry, manufacturing industries) these are the five main economic areas which requires such intensive R&D investment, High technology, and high quality labours)  Korea is currently world’s top in these area.   Japan on the other hand, they are only barely surving their position in Iron production (world’s 3rd) and electronic industries (world’s 2nd after Korea). I know what you are thinking, Japan’s economy (in terms of the size of their economy is currently world’s 3rd largest, after America and China)  but its because of their population is 3 times larger than Korea and their money exchange rate is 3 times more expensive than Korean Won. its like comparing two differetn types of car which value about same in the market, one look like a truck and the other look like a small mini.  despite the Economy of Japan look bigger than Korean Economy, the value of the two cars (Truck and Mini) is similar.  but imagine, the truck is slow and very thrusty with fuel, wherease the small mini is faster and fuel efficient. just imagine the truck as Japan’s economy and the mini with Korean economy, what do you think its going to happen for the owner of the two cars. yes, the truck drivers (Japanese) will get poorer, and the small car driver (Korean) will get rich. right? yes. now look at the prediction of world’s most influencial economicst over Korea and Japan. (Korean govenment, Goldman’s, IMF) is predicting for the size of Korea’s exports will overtake Japan’s by 2022. and it will be world’s 4th largest exporting nation. by 2022, Korea will be no.4th largest exporting economy followed by China, America, Germany.

Japan is on 5th, poor nation. 2022, world rank : 1st China (69,200 billion dollars), 2nd America (28,000 billion), 3rd Germany (21,600 billion), 4th Korea (11,900 billion) 5h Japan (11,200 billion) its currently is world’s 8th largest export nation, the growth rate of Korean export is unbelievably fast and rapid. it is surely going to overtake Japan by 2022. you get that ? Did you check the GDP per capita for Korean and Japan? by 2015, Korea (27.000$), Japan (31,800$), by 2025, Korea (35.700$), Japan (38,250$), by 2050, Korea(61,900$<-world’s second highest in major economic countries), Japan(55,082$ -> world’s 5th.) you see~ ?

Japanese people are many, but not so creative like 45 millons of Korean. now.. why I doing this to Japs? cant you see? the problems is onseting from Japan. its not I am pissed of only because of the ww2. its with what they are doing in current time ! watch below its their forign ministry department. they are saying Korea’s dokdo isalnd is belong to their territory. the east sea should be call ” sea of Japan” there are more things watch. and what do you think? love? still? can you love them doing these to Korean and Chinese? in conclusion, Japan’s economy is shit. and the people are shit. simple. good? if you have any other question. please feel free to ask me again. God bless you and your nation. ————————————————————————————————-

Tkyosam response: That was the worst article about zesty flavored tacoss I’ve ever read -.- I love those god damn tacos 😉

His response: yeah I love the fucking Japs head on my plate

Tkyosam response: but do you like tacos?

His response: I like Japcos. with fresh blood still pumping out of their vain.. I poke the eye first

Tkyosam response: So, wait just ONE-GOD-DAMN-SECOND here! …so you DO like tacos, right? Cause I mean, to be honest, I’m more of a buritto man myself 😀

His response:  (no more replies)



~ by tkyosam on June 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Interesting/Racist mail from a Korean viewer”

  1. Love how he’s ranting about such issues to you. Cause as we all know, Sam’s channel is all about politics and the economy. lmao. Just another case of the internet making a guy think his opinion is a unique snowflake that must be seen/heard. He needs to get laid and have a beer.

  2. Imagine the valuable Starcraft time he missed out on to write that painful to read dribble..

  3. Whoah this blog is great i like studying your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You already know, many individuals are looking around for this info, you could help them greatly.

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