10 Hong Kong pros/cons

Have skateboard, will travel 😉

I recently went to Hong Kong for vacation.  Here’s a small list of shizzle I came up with^^


1.  Cheap and good-tasting food^^ANywhere I went so many new flavors and shizzle to try.

2.  Very international-met immigrants from all over the world.  Hanging out with Africans there on business or chillin with the Fillipino maids on Sunday in the park, it was always fun to meet different people.  I even met some people from my home town while I was there.

3.  Many people speak English, waaaaaay more than Japan.  Makes sense when you have white people colonize your country for almost a 100-ish years.

4.  Transportation-trains, double-decker buses, street trams, cable cars, boats and taxis!  All cheap, all easy to access, all awesomeness^-^

5.  Food is big!  More plentiful!  I can buy a 12 pack of COke @ the Supermarket^^  Juice boxes are super big!  No wonder Chinese people are sometimes bigger than Japanese people^^

6.  Foreign words have KANJI!  No Katakana bullshit^^I don’t know, just nice to know shit like Coca Cola has a kanji^^

7.  Media-Magazines were plentiful, Cantonese manga was sold everywhere and they had Canto dubbed dvds too, it was so awesomeness.  Also everything on tv was subtitled so I could learn more Canto whenever I went back to my hotel room^-^

8.  They sell fake rolexs and other shit that would costs a ton in Japan.  I obviously (didn’t) buy anything there though 😀

9.  The open night shit, there were tons of ghetto ass places around Hong Kong that just felt awesome^-^  Hanging out with all the African dudes drinking outside the Chungking mansions while going to Wanchai and seeing live concerts for free was bad ass!

10.  The boats.  Honestly, something about paying 20cents to ride a boat to get one from one side of the islands to the other was just awesome.  I wish I could ride boats more often in Tokyo 😦


1.  HOT!  It’s not so bad, but when you include the humidity I feel like I have a layer of sweat around my body.

2.  Toilets were dirty and shitty, even in the nicest of places

3.  Indian assholes on the street, any place I went there were usually dudes like that trying to get me to buy their shit.  The first night I arrived there I was bum rushed by 4 of them bothering me to go into their “group house”.  Fuckers, but it was a good experience, now I know how to deal with that shit in the future.

4.  In the party district there were too many hookers, couldn’t tell who the “real” girls were. 5.  It smelled really bad in some places just due to bad ventilation and what not.

6.  I couldn’t drink tap water cause it of the ghetto pipes there, had to boil my water.

7.  The alcohol wasn’t really that much cheaper (at bars) 8.  No “real” Green tea.  It was always sweetened with something.  Kinda gay.

9.  The ocean was filthy, I went swimming with my bud there on one of the islands and it was plan disgusting.  There was trash floating everywhere.  Well, like George Carlin said in his stand up, the reason why he was probably never sick was cause he got exposed to all these nasty germs and shit when he was younger.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I guess lol.

10.  Could have easily gone to China…for another $150 in visa fees…


~ by tkyosam on July 1, 2011.

One Response to “10 Hong Kong pros/cons”

  1. isnt that old videos? or have you been here again?

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