Good questions – Good answers

(got this email from a viewer a while ago)

hey man, love the videos. im a foreigner living in Japan (Fukui on the JET program), and i just stumbled on Khatz’s method and definitely see the merit. However, I’m having trouble finding interesting (and cheap!) ways to make the immersion environment complete. So first, I was wondering if you’ve got any music recommendations. I remember you mentioning something about Japanese Hip Hop, which sounded great to me. You know man, anything to get away from the constant J-pop I’ve got going in my ears would be fantastic. Secondly, I was wondering if you have any recommendations for manga aside from Doraemon for the beginner. Walking into a bookstore is pretty overwhelming here, I really dont know what I should be looking for. And third, I was wondering if you had any idea how to get some of the videos (i.e. anime, dramas, Japanese dubbed movies) on the cheap? I dont mind buying some shit, but you know itd be nice to get some of the stuff for free. 😛 Anyway man, have a good one. Keep it up. Jamesz ——————————————————————————————————————————————-

Wad up fellow ALT person shizzle^^

Answers: 1.  Khatz has a list of all the music he recommends on his site (look under the music category), all of it is what I suggest for people at first.  You can torrent most of it, if you don’t like torrenting, go to video stores that have cds, rent them, bring them back to your house and rip them to your comp.

2.  Manga-  read whatever you like.  Dude when I first started out the manga’s I read were GANTZ and BATTLE ROYALE.  High school level mangas bro!  Why?  One- because I love titties and violence Two-Because there was no furigana.  If you learn Kanji through Hesig you will be able to learn all the kanji in 2 months bro!  Not the actual sound, but the meaning at least.  Doraemon is gay.  He sucks.  Fuck that robot cat bastard.

3.  Foreign movies dubbed in Japanese?  Well since you live here and you are in the country side-ish place like Ishikawa, you should just go and rent videos, that’ll be the easiest, plus in the countryside they’re cheap.  As for everything else Japanese, just torrent shit.  tons of sites with tons of anime and movies and shizzle. you stay black, what school you teaching in?  high school?



~ by tkyosam on July 4, 2011.

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  1. Yes. the one thing missing from khatz website.


    That asshole tries to sell his site without even suggesting using torrents (when u can tell he must’ve raped them hardcore himself).

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