“How to find a job in Japan?”- Question from a viewer

My old students chilling with me at school before club time

Good question from a viewer about how to go about finding a job in Japan:

Hey Sam,

As you know I would love to work and live in Tokyo, so much even that I’m heading out to tokyo the end of august to visit my
friends but also te prepare to find a job and hopefully succeed, ofcourse !

What do you think is the best preparation to find a job in Tokyo?
Is it a good plan to personaly visit as many companies as possible and give them my resume and bussinescard?
can I just stop by a company and give them my resume, is this even possible?

Or are there other ways to find / apply for a job?
Any information is much appreciated.

With kind regards,


Yoz shizzle!

Depends man, what kind of job do you wanna do and how's your Japanese?  If you speak fluent Japanese and some kind of skills you can get a job anywhere.  If you suck at Japanese (aka-not being able to read a newspaper or have a normal phone conversation with your internet provider), then you should probably apply at certain websites like:

www.japantimes.com (classifieds section)

Also look for "japan job fairs" (but those are mostly for people speaking Japanese).

What most people do here (myself included) is:

1-Come here so you are physically in the country
2-Find a place to stay like a guest house
3-Apply online for a bunch of jobs (before and after coming here)
4-Once you get a job, the next step is finding more permanent housing (this is after your company sorts out your visa), start looking for apartments at gaijin friendly apartment agencies (or stay at guesthouses, I did both).  The agency I like is Global Network
5-Study Japanese
6-Make connections
7-Find other part time jobs and eventually some kind of job you wanna do in the future.

I have a lot more details, so if you have any more specific questions feel free to ask bro ;)

~ by tkyosam on July 6, 2011.

One Response to ““How to find a job in Japan?”- Question from a viewer”

  1. Hey Tyko,

    I watch all your vids and just recently found this blog. It’s epic, and I love seein’ a real perspective.

    I’ve been workin’ on Khatz’s method and I’ve got about 600 kanji under my belt and I see myself being finished in like a month or so. And then it’s just sentences and continued immersion from there.

    So what do I want? I have a more specific question. I only spent a year in college and got out cause I didn’t know what major/what to do with my life. I had good grades and whatnot, but it’s just now that I realize I might wanna teach English, etc.

    So do I really need to go back to college for 3 years, even once I’m fluent? Say in 1 or 2 years I’m close to fluent (using immersion, meeting J-friends, using Skype (to get speaking), reading lots of stuff, continue studying, etc.), and I can just speak and write and read and all that jazz. If I can prove I can speak, read, and write both English and Japanese really well, do I still need a degree?

    Thanks man, keep up the cool vids and stay black~!

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