TOP 5 – JAPAN – Shit I don’t like about “schools”

school? fuck school!

Another series. I love this country and I totally wanna live here for a while, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bitch about it.

Here’s some shit I don’t like about Japanese schools:

1.  Kids who don’t go to class graduate (which basically means that if you just study for the entrance exam for high school instead of study in any other classes you will be fine).

2.  Bullying is a big issue.  I don’t know for a fact, but I can bet this country has more student suicides than America *has no idea what I’m talking about voice*.

3.  Teachers are not allowed to go home to finish their school responsibilities.  This is mostly cause a couple years ago a Japanese teacher brought his school shizzle on the train, lost it and it had all his students private info and grades and shit-people-would-use-to-find-and/or-kill-and-rape-the-students.  Its stupid, a job should be from 9-5.  This isn’t a “company”.  You are not “trying to move up”.  You are just raising the future generations of this country’s citizens lol.

4.  Kids that are different are segregated.  I’ve had a couple of Muslim students and whenever we have “pork” in our school lunches those kids bring their own school lunches to school, but they are not allowing to eat with the other students cause that would cause them “discomfort” knowing other kids get to bring “their own” special lunches to school.  Fuckin’ tards and their bullshit rules, open up and show that there are different people with different thought cultures out there.

5.  Clubs-Clubs are basically school teams that let anybody join.  It’s good idea, keeps kids busy after school, gives them a feeling of group respectability while being in a positive outside school social environment.  Except due to this reason the JHS teachers have NO free time, especially the younger teachers.

6 (bonus).  ONLY ENGLISH- In America we get the choice of learning not just 1, but 2 or even 5 different languages in school.  In Japan, nope, you HAVE TO learn English, no choice of French or Chinese or Spanish.  Fuckin’ gayness, let people discover ENglish for themselves instead of shoving it down their throats, douchebags 😛


~ by tkyosam on July 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “TOP 5 – JAPAN – Shit I don’t like about “schools””


    just my two cents

  2. @Styles.
    Yeah. In some cases they should.

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