The day my car got stuck in a rice field….( ´Д`)~~

The first day I moved to the country side in Chiba I got stuck on a muddy path in the middle of a couple rice fields.    The reason “why” was because I thought it was a short cut (and that the land was dry too  lol).  I got stuck and it totally sucked….

I learned to not go down muddy roads....


….shit totally fuckin’ sucked -.-

But then luckily a farmer who was in charge of that rice field saw the stranded dumbass foreigner and helped me outta there. with his tractor.  The dude actually ended up being the brother-in-law of one of the English teachers I was working with at my new school, which was cool cause the next day they were all talking about my dumbass first day shenanigans.  That’s just one of my awesome stories from when I lived in there.


~ by tkyosam on August 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “The day my car got stuck in a rice field….( ´Д`)~~”

  1. lol, I think that farmer has an additional job with his tractor 😀

  2. lol! what the hell were you thinking!! classic.

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