Stupid Women….you lost your chance yo

This girl I met at a party a couple months ago and since I met her all she had been dragging me along with excuses and last minute cancellations.  I persisted with her because our friends said that we looked like we would be a good couple (you win “this” round peer pressure…). Last week she sent an email (again, augh). I could smell the “flakiness” and “wanting validation” from a mile away.  Normally I don’t send emails like this, but I recently have been with some other great women recently and have the mentality of “I currently live in one of the biggest cities in Asia and there are other women wanting to be with me MORE than your ass. Sorry babe, you lost your chance, and now I’m gonna let ya know” 😉

Here’s the email shiz:




I’m only an asshole too many types of people.  Especially the type of people who get off on me feeding them attention with them absolutely contributing nothing in fuckin’ return -.-  I could have just ignored her and been cold, but this kind of  direct “fuckyou-ism” was so much more satisfying ^-^


~ by tkyosam on August 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “Stupid Women….you lost your chance yo”

  1. Sam you are experiencing is what I believe to be the general hesitation that girls get when they don’t know if they want to be with you or not. It happened to my friend after word got out that she had slept with an African American friend of mine. After word got out she started to do exactly what you are experiencing now!

    If a girl wants you she will let you know it one way or another. Depending on how much she likes you will determine how much room you have to F* up while trying to get with her.

    • Yeah dude, but honestly, there are only “so many” fuckin’ games I wanna play before I get tired of that shit. Like Mystery says, “It’s a lot easier to get a new relationship than fix a broken one”. Too much shit, for too little return. This is Tokyo, a beautiful girl on every street lol. Not worth my time.

  2. Tkyosam has a point on this one females in general play a dumb game is either you like me or not simple as that not lets play a game to see if I possibly like this guy like wtf do I look like a math test B I A T C H I am from NYC SO I know that there is more sexier fake females on every corner who would suck me off like a water fountain on a Saturday fucking night Good NIGHT MY LIFE

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