How to become an English teacher – Part 2

Honestly, the degree is only for immigration to be like “Oh, this dude got in trouble? Well, he went to school, came to our country, and THEN did bad shit” vs. “We let this dude in with no credentials into our country to teach educational shit and then he got in trouble so we (immigration officials) look bad to the public”.

You don’t NEED a degree, but if you want a company to sponsor you to teach English over here, then ya, you’ll need a degree. Take in mind, if you have some special skills (mostly IT shit) then a company will hire you over here.

That might not be the case, I know 2 Canadians that came over on Working Holiday visas, got a job at an English school. Then when their visa expired the company sponsored them,

Unless you have like, have really tight contacts here that can help you get your foot into the first door, you will need to get married, become a student or come here and stay on 3 month visas to stay here.

My honest suggestion for what you should do:

-Get a degree, but get it over here. As long as you don’t mind going into debt, go to a university and sign up for their continuing education classes. Those are classes that make it so even if you did shit in high school you can still take normal college graduating credits classes. After a year or 2 you can even sign up to study in Japan.

-Find a wife, there are TONS, literally THOUSANDS of English speaking Japanese women online looking for some gaijin love. Hit a chorde with some chicks, send some emails. Get the marriage visa and move over (that’s what one of my good Aussie friends on Youtube did).

Either way, YOU got to make the effort bro. I went to school and busted my ass so I could fuckin graduate and move over to Japan and leave shit America behind. If a fat asshole like me can, you can too.

That help?




~ by tkyosam on June 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “How to become an English teacher – Part 2”

  1. Truer words were never spoken

  2. do you have any advice on coming over on 3 months visas and then working under the radar, leaving for a couple days to korea when your 3 months is over and then returning to japan again? I went to japan last year and was there for 2 months, for the sole purpose of trying to find a job(I am an American with no degree, the worst combo for trying to get a work visa in japan) and a work visa. I did not get any. I thought of working without a visa, but didnt have the balls to do it, but I think I would do it now, because there is no other way for me to get a work visa. I am gay so I can not marry and I do not want to get in debt so I will not go to college.

  3. Can anyone recommend me a good English School? I have heard that there is much more English schools abroad than in England it self? I gues that English language is truly an international language.

  4. I wander which English school is the best in the world? I guess that best are in UK and US, but who knows?

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