Great email from an Ex-English Teacher in Japan

fack yah!

Just got this email from an ex-ALT that has a viral video on Youtube. All you dudes wanting to move onto the next thing should read it:


Thank you for your kind comments. Where/when were you an ALT?

I left Japan in 2004 because I had exhausted the 3 years of teaching (2001-2004) that was then the maximum under the JET Program (I think they have extended this since I left). I cam back to the US and got a job with JAL at its international headquarters in Los Angeles. I worked for JAL for a year and then got the itch to move back to Japan. I moved to Osaka in 2006 and taught at an eikaiwa. After about a month, I realized I prefer more of a school-type setting, so I picked up a job at a local Jr. high school during the day and also started bartending in the Shinsaibashi district at night. After a few months, I decided that I wanted a career with more of a future and opportunities to advance, so I moved back to the US and found a job with Fuji TV’s offices in LA. I worked for Fuji TV for 2.5 years doing all sorts of random odd tasks: translating; researching media trends and business opportunities; directing news stories; subtitling a documentary; I even hosted a small celebrity gossip “infotainment” news segment, Uwas no Showbiz SP, that aired on Fuji TV’s morning news show Mezamashi TV in Japan. After working for two large Japanese corporations, I realized that the opportunities to advance beyond a certain point for non-Japanese can be very difficult to obtain, so I figured I would go to law school and, possibly in the future, assist Japanese corporations doing business in America or American people/entities doing business with Japanese corps. I just graduated law school in December, passed the California Bar Exam in February, and am currently looking for employment with a firm or entity that can utilize my skillset.

So long story short, I left Japan to find the next challenge; I wanted to utilize my Japanese skills while learning new skills and continuing to challenge myself to learn and try new things.

Hope that answers your question. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.”


This dude is awesome!  Just goes to show you need to firgure out what you want and go get it.


~ by tkyosam on June 9, 2012.

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