When was the last time you saw this in the US?

In this video you see GACKT and Nishikawa Takanori (from T.M Revolution) who any Japan-loving Gaijin should automatically know who they are.  If you don’t, let me put into perspective for ya:

Gackt is known for being a mysterious dude who came onto the music circuit in the mid 90’s with his first band Malice Mizer, but I don’t think they were so popular in the states until he broke away from them.  He has been in countless movies, tv shows and his song’s have been used in more than a couple animes.  Here’s one of my fav vids of his:

Nishikawa is known for his awesome rock band T.M Revolution which are always known for having such powerful energy when singing (for such a small dude) and for their awesome music videos and concerts, hell just check this shit out:

Why do I, a hetero young American boy living in Tokyo love these 2 men so much?  Well, for starters they were some of the first Japanese music available to me when I first getting into Japanese shit and most importantly, they are both huge fuckin’ narcissists…just like me lol.

So when they both decide to get together and sing a couple songs that are NOT theirs, then that is fuckin’ showing major props on the:

-Hey, we might be on different labels, but no company legal binding is gonna stop us from meeting up and singing once and a while

-This dudes music is cool, why don’t I get that other popular dude together with me to promote him by singing his shizzle

Anyways, end result is this awesome powerhouse shizzle:


~ by tkyosam on June 13, 2012.

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