5 Things You Must Bring Before Moving To Japan

You better bring this, mofo!


Why 5?  Because if you are like me then you are a lazy shit who doesn’t need that much to make him happy.  Most of the shit that you will need to live a normal life here can be found/bought here without going full native yo.  But still there will be some shit definitely that you will want to bring from home:

  1. Deodorant – They have Asian versions of this here, but they suck and are expensive.  Me, I like gel deodorant and when I came here I brought 20 sticks.  It might seem excessive, but you will learn once you get here that unless you want to piss off your family with postage charges, best to pack this in your checked luggage yo.  Guys and chicks be wary yo.
  2. Fav Comfort Food from back home Japan has hundreds of import shops all around the country, but even with so many of them, there are still going to be some things from back home you won’t be able to find.  I suggest you bring something small and that you can’t find in Japan (You should be able to tell, if not check online).  For me, I brought TWIX cause of that cookie crunch yo!  マジやばかった~
  3. Creditcard and Debitcard – I suggest trying to get a Japanese credit card ASAP, but just in case you need to buy some online shit or need to buy a plane ticket outta there keep that home country credit card on ya.  Also you will need an ATM card to withdraw your savings from back home.
  4. Valid Passport and Driver’s license – You need a passport to get into the country (obviously) but it also helps you if you wanna travel while you are living here.  If you wanna get a Japanese driver’s license (which if you don’t live in Tokyo, you should get) then having an American driver’s license will help the test become easier because you we won’t need to take the written Japanese test (usually 100 questions) and will only be 10 questions test plus a physical test afterwards.  If you are not from America and have a license back in your home country, you might only need to take an eyetest.
  5. Money – This is by far the most important thing you will need if you plan on moving to Japan.  Getting an apartment, food and moving around Tokyo will require money.  No matter what you plan to do I highly suggest coming here with at least $4000.  Why?  Because do you want to work immediately or do you wanna fuck around for a couple months and enjoy this work-free Japan?  The only reason I give that price is because I have met so many people that came here, wasted all their savings, then had to have either their friends, parents, or credit card company bail them out (to pay it off later down the line) and I don’t know about you, but I hate the idea of debt and would like to not have to owe anybody anything for as long as possible.

Now, there were a lot of runner ups to being included into this list, but lets be reasonable here:


That includes: foreign food, clothes, toiletries,  and everything else.  Japan is a 1st world country bros, they ain’t fuckin’ around yo.  Come over here with the bare essentials and worry about all the other shit once you are actually IN the country.


~ by tkyosam on June 19, 2012.

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