Why and How Should I Sign Up For Healthcare?

One of the main reasons for needing health insurance

It’s cheap yo.  Ok, not that cheap, but you should really consider it mainly because it’s easier system to understand here.  There are 2 types of insurance here:

National(kokumin kenkou hoken 国民健康保険) – This you should get as soon as you land and get a visa here because if you wait to pay for this you will have to back pay for all the months you decided to sign up for since arrival in this country.  Depending on your income, it should be 1500yen~15,000yen per month and comes in bill envelops that come monthly and you can pay in cash at the convenient store.  You can sign up for this easily buy bringing your passport to your local word/city office.

Private Insurance (shakai hoken 社会保険) – This is usually set up through your company and sometimes can be cheaper than the national healthcare (aka-for people making a decent amount of change).  If you are making less than 250,000yen a month, I don’t suggest going with this.  Sure it might cover more shit, but if you are not married or don’t have kids go with the National.  Some people’s arguments are “Well, if you have a serious medical issue the Private health insurance will cover more”, I don’t know if that’s necessarily true or not, all I know is, if you are single mofo that is just hear to party and doesn’t care, then get the national broski.



~ by tkyosam on June 22, 2012.

One Response to “Why and How Should I Sign Up For Healthcare?”

  1. Hey guy,

    Been watching some of your vids, and now found my way over to this blog.

    This might be (well IS) somewhat random, but just saying that I find your

    stuff really entertaining – so please keep up the nice work, yo – onegaishimasu

    Maybe I’ll bump into you someday in Tokyo – and if so, I’ll walk up to you

    and say something weird like “Minced Pie Will Flourish, Aladdin!”, and

    you’ll know that it was the same person who wrote tis^^

    Anywho…. See Ya^^

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