Small victory is still victory

Small victory like owning zombies with plants

This might not sound like a good metaphor for my current situation in life but I thought I’d share it anyway:

Today I went to Yodabashi Camera today because yesterday I bought the wrong type of videocard and went to go get store credit and buy the correct card.

The sales guy, like most retail jobs people was a dick and told me that since I “opened the package” I could only return the card for the same type of card. I told him I don’t need the same card and he gave me some bullshit about “the rules” blah blah blah.

I told him “Hey, I know what you are saying and all but get the manager over here”. He tried to give me the run around and demanded to speak to the manager. I was just thinking the whole time “Dude, it’s a 3000yen video card, your manager is too busy to come argue with a gaijin in a yakuza get up. You know if I complain to the right people you’re gonna do what I ask bitch. Go ahead and waste my time, you’ll just get yelled at lol”.

The manager didn’t come, but the sales dude was advised to not just give me my money back, but apologize for being a dick.
Just goes to show, if you always listen to whatever asshole is out there telling you what you “CAN” do and what you “CAN’T” do then you probably want get far yo. This was a small “victory”, but still just helped reinforce that you do whatever the fuck you like and never apologize for being you…..except when it comes to raping kids, might wanna try some restraint in the area bro lol.



~ by tkyosam on June 29, 2012.

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