This is a blog about my life and shizzle in Japan.

I have a youtube video blog about Japan, I noticed that other youtubers have normal writing blogs to accompany their shizzle, and since I want to practice my writing I decided to make this site.

My name is Sam and I am from the American midwest.  I came to Japan a little over 4 years ago to live.  For the first 3 years in Japan I taught as an ALT in JHS in Chiba prefecture.  After 3 years of boring fuckin’ Chiba I decided to move to Tokyo.

Here is my FAQ:

Here’s how to learn Japanese:

the awesomeness, shizzle.



7 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. so you think it would be easyer to loose weight in the states or in Jland?


    • In America there are more chances to eat vegetarian when eating out, in Japan not so many chances 😦

  2. Hey Sam

    I’m 18 years and a german pupil who wants to make working-holidays in summer 09 primarily in Japan. Till now I wasn’t there and so I have some questions about living in japan. I’m interested in the culture an the differences between modern and tradition and I realy love the food there. I have a japanese friend in kawagoe, saitama an he says that I can live at his home for a few weeks. After that I want to come to Tokyo…

    But now my questions:
    At first it’s very important for me that it’s possible to find friends there. I know the initative should come from my side but I’m not sure how it works there. Often I can hear that the japanese people were very friendly but also a little bit introverted against gaijins. What would you say about that?

    Another question is: After a few times there I’m sure that I want to go to bars and clubs (naturally to get to know new people). But in japan I’m not of age and so I think U can’t do all things that I want to do; drinking alcohol for example ;-), but also banking transactions. Is it irrelevant because I’m of age in germany or do you think that there are restrictions for my age?

    So thanks a lot for taking time and if you know some other points to decide it would be nice!

    Best regards from düsseldorf, germany,


    • Easy way to meet people at first would be to move into a guesthouse. They are cheap and you can make a lot of friends.
      As for making Japanese friends, since you don’t speak Japanese, the best place would be to to go to Roppongi or Shibuya seeing
      as a lot of Japanese people go there to practice their English.

      As long as you are going to bars and not clubs they won’t ask for your ID.

      stay black


  3. Thanks for the answer! What do you mean exact with guesthouses? A youth hostel or something like a ryokan? Maybe you can recommend something ?!

    Thanks a lot,


  4. So how’s the fitness goal going for you?

    This worked for me to get good nutrition and nice abs http://www.scoobysworkshop.com/6packabs.htm

    all free

    Thx for sharing your videos, specially Khatzu’s ajatt video.
    Too bad Im not in Jpn anymore to hang out.


  5. btw, I’m vegan and i also had some difficulty in japan when dining out.
    However, it shouldn’t be a problem if you can read or ask in the supermarket if the bread or something else has certain ingredients you don’t wanna eat.

    Once a lady at “the garden” in ikebukuro even called the company to check for an ingredient ^o^ uuaa! couldn’t find the kanji in my DS.

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