Sup bitches?  You see that title shit up there?  It’s true.  I wanna help make community and be REAL with the viewers.  Be clear.  To the point.  And most of all – NO BULLSHIT.  No asshole haters like on Gaijinpot.  No lag like Danny Choo’s page.  More comprehensive than Japan guide.

Lets make this shit happen.  I need these kind of people:

Illustrators – I bet there are some of you out there with bad ass drawing skillage.  Send me a picture (even if it’s a doodle) of me being awesome with the subject title “TKYOSAM PICTURE”.

Web designers – You know how to run a site?  You have experience?  Send me an email with the subject title “TKYOSAM WEB DESIGNER”  and tell me about your experience and shizzle.

Song Writer / Composer – Yup.  Youtube is really gay with it’s copyright bullshit.  Best way to get past that is to “make your own music”.  Usually I’m the vocal and don’t want to give the time needed to learn a new instrument.  Lets make some funky Tkyo-porn like shizzle yo.  Send me an email with the subject title “TKYOSAM MUSIC” and show me what you got. with some samples.

Video editor and Actor/Actress – You know your way around a good video editing software?  You think I could use a little help or advice?  Send me an email with the subject title “VID EDITING” or “ACTING” and tell me about how bad ass you are with some links to shit you have done on youtube or vimeo or somethin.

Guys.  Lets make this happen.  No bullshit.  Just awesomeness.  Shizzle.

SEND YOUR EMAILS TO :          tkyosam at gmail dot com

ADD ME ON SKYPE:                      TKYOSAM


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