Japanese women are weird….

One in picture might be excluded from that....

I’m on facebook, chatting with a woman who just added me.  She has nothing but cute pictures of her on her profile and has nothing written about a boyfriend or husband.  About halfway through the conversation she says she is married.  Hmmmmm, not that I’m fishing for chicks online, but come on dudez.

WHat is this chick doing?  Seriously?  She’s been on facebook for a while, she knows how it works.  There are no pictures of her and her husband.  Nothing on there even stating that she is married.  She know’s that if dudes see her profile they will hit on her a lot more than if she had the married info on there.  She knows exactly what she is doin -.-


-Chicks who don’t have pics of them and their “husbands” are more than likely or eventually going to cheat on their spouses.

Come on!  Marriage is supposed to be awesome!  You want everybody to know!…don’t you?  I mean, I know it’s cool to want to get new friends.  BUT…you know you that you will not get the same kind of attention from people at first if you tell them you are already married.

Just a damn shame, I have no problem sleeping with a girl who has a boyfriend, but somebody who has taken an oath that shows they are going to be committed to another person for as long as they live.  Well, just a shame.


~ by tkyosam on July 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Japanese women are weird….”

  1. In Japan, technically it’s not an oath – it’s just a simple administrative form. Same with divorce.

    Her behaviour does contradict her city office registration status, however.

  2. Yeah, don’t get your Judeo-Christian panties inna bunch! Rock it, d00d!

  3. Marriage is a Business like Donald trump hair it the way people feel and they will do what they feel just face it bro she want’s to cheat on the husband he the one that got trolled by her let him deal with it.

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